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Best Meat Grinders

We spent 120 hours researching meat grinders to find the best ones on the market. Our favorite turned out to be the reasonably priced but strong Best Choice Products Meat Grinder. It can grind 180 pounds of meat per hour and comes with three cutting plates and a kibbe attachment. 

Best Overall

Best Choice Products Meat Grinder

Best Choice Products Meat Grinder

It grinds meat fast.
Has a wide, tapered feeding tube
Uses a strong motor
Doesn’t have a circuit breaker
Takes a long time to get replacement parts
Doesn’t come with a sausage feeding tube

Given its modest price, you'd think the Best Choice Products Meat Grinder doesn't have much to offer. However, it won’t give you anything to beef about.

It may cost less than other models, but it has a brawny, 2.6-horsepower motor – that's more powerful than the motors in many other meat grinders we reviewed. With that much power, you can churn out about 3 pounds of meat a minute, which is about 180 pounds an hour.

The grinder can tackle big chunks of meat as well as soft bones and vegetables. This Best Choice Products model comes with three cutting plates and a kibbe attachment. However, it doesn’t include a sausage tube. In addition, it can take weeks to get replacement parts. The machine also doesn’t have a circuit breaker, which would protect its motor and gears in case of a jam.

One of this meat grinder’s great features is its wide feeding tube, which is about 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches long. Further, the feeding tube is tapered so you aren’t tempted to use your fingers to push food into it – a risky move that could leave you missing a digit. Also for safety, the machine’s buttons are recessed a bit, which lowers the risk of unintentionally turning the grinder on if you bump it.

Best Budget

Sunmile SM-G31

Sunmile SM-G31

Comes with a lot of attachments
Is reasonably fast
Must cut meat into smaller chunks to speed up grinding
Doesn’t handle hard bones well
Has only a 350-watt motor

The Sunmile SM-G31 is a modestly priced home meat grinder that includes a stainless steel blade with three stainless steel cutting plates. Since these pieces are made of stainless steel, they need less sharpening and work better over time than aluminum parts. This meat grinder also comes with sausage tubes in three sizes and a kibbe attachment that makes tube-shape dough for a tasty Middle Eastern dish.

In addition, it includes a pasta attachment that can make spaghetti, fettuccini and star noodles – a surprising addition for a meat grinder. Since its motor is 350 watts instead of 500 watts like those found on many home grinders, it takes longer to grind meat. Still, the machine can grind more than 2 pounds per minute, which is a respectable speed. It helps move things along if you cut the meat into smaller pieces before grinding. You also need to avoid grinding hard bones since they can jam inside the Sunmile SM-G31.

However, it works well with boiled bones and many vegetables. This meat grinder has well designed safety features. For example, its simple body has rubber feet that keep it securely in place. One button on the side turns the machine on and off, and there is little likelihood you’ll accidentally turn it on if you bump into it. This device also is UL approved, which attests that the manufacturer built it according to UL requirements.

Best for Speedy Performance

Buffalo Tools MEG300

Buffalo Tools MEG300

Can grind 100 pounds of meat an hour.
Can grind soft bones.
Includes sausage and kibbe attachments.
Covered by a short 30-day warranty.
Need to oil cutting plates and blades to avoid rusting
Aluminum parts sometimes warp.

The Buffalo Tools MEG300 is another frugal choice and it won’t take up much space, measuring 13 x 7 x 15 and weighing just six pounds. Nonetheless, it's powerful enough to grind 100 pounds of meat an hour – even if you have lots of meat to prepare, you won't have to spend all day in the kitchen.

This compact meat grinder works at about 0.5 horsepower, which seems rather anemic compared to other models. However, the Buffalo Tools MEG300 packs a surprising amount of power and does well with tender meats, even with its small motor. This machine can crank out 1.5 pounds of ground meat per minute, so you can make short work of grinding hamburger and sausage fillings. However, it has some difficulties with tougher cuts. The machine comes with three grinding plates and attachments to make sausages and kibbe.

One drawback is Buffalo Tools warranties the MEG300 for a measly 30 days, which is remarkably short for this type of appliance – or any electrical kitchen appliance for that matter. Consumers have also complained about the cutting plates and blades rusting. To keep that from happening, you need to soak them in oil after you clean and thoroughly dry them.

Best for Soft Meats

Nesco FG-180

Nesco FG-180

Includes three grinding plates.
Grinding head is small.

The Nesco FG-180 is a good choice if you don't plan to use your grinder often and only grind soft meats and certain kinds of vegetables.

It has a 500-watt, .5-horsepower motor and uses a #5 grinder head. That’s rather small and affects how much food you can feed into the machine and how fast it works. Still, this Nesco model can turn out 2 pounds of meat per minute when you grind tender cuts. It comes with three grinding plates, fine, medium and coarse, as well as a sausage attachment and kibbe attachment.

Why Trust Us? 

We have spent 120 hours researching and evaluating meat grinders since we started reviewing them in 2014. In that time, we’ve pored over information on the manufacturers’ websites. As we researched, we noted each machine’s size, wattage and grinding speed as well as if it can deftly handle bones. We also read consume reviews, watched video tutorials, and carefully read user manuals and warranties.

Every meat grinder does the same thing in generally the same way. Still, there are a few features that set them apart from each other. For example, some machines can do more than just grind meat – many come with sausage attachments, and a few also include pasta maker attachments. These two-in-one meat grinder and pasta makers are a good value. If you want more pasta attachments than these meat grinders include, take a look at our pasta maker reviews.

In addition, some meat grinders work better with certain kinds of meats than others. We noted this information in our reviews because it could make a difference in which meat grinder you buy.

How We Researched 

Our research began with general reading about meat grinders – for example, we learned about how they operate, and which types are popular. We then closely examined information from manufacturers and looked for models with the features most cooks want: a motor that packs enough horsepower to get through the work quickly, different speed settings and plenty of helpful attachments. In addition, we searched for grinders covered by reasonably long warranties. Further, we read general cooking articles and watched videos of meat grinders in use to see how expert cooks use the appliances to make sausage and kibbe as well as other delicacies. 

In addition, we read first-hand accounts written by cooks and food-lovers to see why they consider meat grinders such a worthwhile addition to their kitchens. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, writing for the website Serious Eats, lists reasons why grinding meat in your own kitchen is better than buying it from the grocery store. Lopez-Alt maintains the practice is safer and provides better flavor and texture. In addition, “It’s cool. Anyone who makes their own sausage or grinds their own beef for their burgers gets instant street cred in my book.”

Street cred aside, food safety is an important reason to grind your own meat. “Prepackaged beef can contain meat from hundreds, even thousands of animals, and not necessarily from the nicest bits, either. This means that you've got to be extra careful when cooking with prepackaged ground beef—chances of contamination are higher, and medium-rare burgers are a dicey proposition,” Lopez-Alt writes.

The website Grillocracy advocates grinding your own meat to get superb flavor, mainly because you can control the fat-to-muscle ratio of the ground meat – and a bit more fat means more flavor. “It takes maybe an extra twenty or twenty-five minutes to grind your own beef, and the results are worth it every time, in everything from burgers to shepherd’s pie.” 

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Meat Grinder
Motor Power
Machines with robust motors can grind even large quantities of meat quickly. In general, the higher the electrical wattage a meat grinder requires and the higher its horsepower, the faster it grinds. However, some grinders with small motors are so well designed that they work quite fast. Price, too, is an indicator of quality, as higher-end meat grinders tend to be sturdier and more powerful.

Safety Features
Meat grinders are powerful appliances with sharp parts, so it's essential to get one that includes safety features. One of the best safety features is recessed buttons – since they sit in a small indentation on the machine, it's unlikely you could turn the grinder on by accidentally bumping it.

Really good meat grinders come with plenty of cutting plates. You fasten the plates to the end of the grinder, and they allow you to choose how fine or coarse to grind your meat. Some machines come with additional cutting blades, which cuts down on the number of replacements you have to buy. Top-quality grinders come with three of each type of blade.

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