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Best Waffle Makers

We have been reviewing waffle makers since 2013. In our most recent evaluation, we spent over 50 hours making waffles, evaluating each unit’s cook times while also comparing warranties and ease of cleanup. We have determined that the All-Clad Classic Round waffle maker is the best overall due to its seven heat settings, easy-cleaning design, small footprint and consistently crispy waffles. It also features a steam release to prevent your waffles from getting soggy, and the top stays cool to the touch while cooking.

ProductPriceOverall RatingUtilityPrep & CleanupDesignWarranty & SupportOutside Stays CoolNo-drip FeatureTime to ReadyAssembly Time Waffle Removal GradeClean-up TimeRemovable PlatesHeat-resistant HandlesWaffle Maker SizeCord StorageDepth Height Upright StorageWidth WarrantyPhoneInstructional VideoEmailReady-to-Use AccuracyAudio BeeperReady-to-Eat LightMulti-taskingNumber of WafflesWaffle DiameterWaffle Quality ScoreBrowning ControlReady-to-Use LightReady-to-Eat Accuracy
All-Clad Classic Round 8400000928View Deal4.5/59.48.8109.4-6:160:30A3:31-Small11.754.58.52 years-100-16.59790
Chef's Choice WafflePro Express 840BView Deal4.5/ year--95-16.58965
Black & Decker 3-in-1 G48TDView Deal3.5/58.856.37.5-8:062:10B8:02-Medium-11.55-121 year-100-197795
Hamilton Beach Belgian Style 26030View Deal3.5/ year-100--17.57265
Cuisinart Round Classic WMR-CAView Deal3.5/53.1109.410--2:380:10A4:41-Small-9.2537.53 years100--175995
Proctor Silex Round Belgian 26070View Deal3.5/ year-90--1763-95
Oster DuraCeramic CKSTWFBF22-ECOView Deal3.5/ year-100--177350
Presto FlipSide 3510View Deal3/ year90--1771-25

Best Overall

All-Clad Classic Round

All-Clad Classic Round

The cord wraps around the base to save you counter space.
This is one of the easiest waffle makers to clean.
It lets you know when you can add batter and when your waffles are done cooking.
This is a pricey unit.
It makes relatively small waffles.
The locking clips get very hot.

The All-Clad Classic Round waffle maker is the best in our comparison because it consistently makes a crispy waffles, is easy to clean and takes up little counterspace. It is definitely the most expensive unit in our comparison, but it offers many convenient features that justify the price. There are seven different heat settings to help you find the perfect toasting level for your waffles. Since it features a steam release, you won’t have to worry about making soggy waffles. When we tested this device, it consistently made crisp, fluffy waffles every time we used it.

It makes waffles that are 6.5 inches in diameter, which is a little smaller than average. A light turns on when the machine is ready to cook, and it beeps when your waffles are done cooking so you don’t have to constantly monitor it. The locking clips on this device get very hot, so you’ll need to unclip it before you turn it on or you might burn your fingers.

While most waffle makers claim to have a non-stick surface, the All-Clad truly does. Even mix-ins such as blueberries and chocolate chips come off easily. There are no tricky areas where batter can sneak in and build up, so we found cleaning this device to be very easy. When you are done cooking, the cord wraps around the base of the unit and it can be stored standing up to help save counter space. All-Clad covers this waffle maker with a two-year warranty, which is longer than many of the other warranties in our comparison.

Best Value

Cuisinart WMR-CA

Cuisinart WMR-CA

This is an inexpensive device.
It has the longest warranty.
It produces reliable and consistent cooking results.
The top of the device gets really hot.
It doesn’t beep to let you know when cooking is done.
Sugary recipes will likely stick to the plates.

The Cuisinart WMR-CA is a favorite among waffle makers because it doesn’t cost much, is easy to clean and creates consistent cooking results. Surprisingly, it also has the longest warranty we’ve seen on a waffle maker, spanning three years. This device offers five heat settings to allow you to find the perfect cooking temperature. We did find that the heat levels made our waffles a little crispier than the instructions indicated, but once you adjust to this you will be able to regularly make perfect waffles.

This device makes waffles that are 7 inches wide, which is an average size. We found that any sugary recipes we made were likely to stick to the plates, but this was reduced when we used cooking spray. This machine is pretty easy to clean up since it features a built-in overflow and doesn’t have any crevices where batter can build up.

The cord can be wrapped around the base of the unit to save space, and the unit itself can be stored upright. You’ll want to be careful with this unit as the top gets very hot and could easily burn fingers. A light comes on both when the device is ready for batter and when the waffles are done cooking, but there is no audible beep so you need to watch the device while it cooks to prevent burning.

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Most Versatile

Black & Decker 3-in-1

Black & Decker 3-in-1

Makes more than just waffles
Makes 9-inch waffles
Includes browning control
Cooking plates are not dishwasher safe
No indicator beeper
Handle gets really hot

The Black & Decker 3-in-1 waffle maker has iron plates that flip over to reveal a grill and a griddle. With this versatile appliance, you can grill chicken or make eggs and pancakes on the griddle.

While most waffle irons make 7-inch waffles, this Black & Decker makes 9-inch waffles. And because of its deep design, your waffles will be thick, too. This appliance features a browning control so you can decide how light or dark to make them, and in our tests the waffles came out very evenly. There is an indicator light that signals when the iron is ready and also when your waffles are thoroughly cooked, but there’s no audible signal, like a beep, which most other models have. There are a couple of downsides to this waffle iron. Though the plates are removable, you can’t wash them in a dishwasher, and because of their size, it takes a little longer to hand wash them compared to other waffle makers. The handle also gets unusually hot. Even after we turned off the machine and waited several minutes, the Back & Decker handle was still too hot to touch comfortably.

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Easiest Cleanup

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

Cleanup is quick and easy.
Longer than normal cooking time.

The Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker’s flip-style design is an appealing choice and a great tool for trying out new recipes.

This machine has power and ready indicators on the topside and a separate ready indicator on the backside. However, neither indicator light indicates waffle readiness. Cooking time with this waffle maker is about five minutes. So, you’ll want to consult your favorite recipes for the best cooking times. You’ll have to keep the finished ones warm while waiting for more waffles to cook.

The waffle irons are attached, making an evenly heated cooking surface, and it has a browning control to maintain the desired temperature. This machine is slightly larger than the size of a toaster, so you might consider storing inside a cabinet to free up room on your counter. This unit has anodized plates and as such requires a bit more care. If properly taken care of, they’ll last you for years to come. Cleaning this machine with a damp sponge was the quickest in our tests.

Why Trust Us

We have been testing waffle makers for the past five years. Our goal in choosing the best overall product was to find a reliable device that makes the cooking process convenient. We brought the best machines into our test kitchen so we could try them for ourselves and make informed comparisons.

How We Tested

In our testing, we compared nine waffle makers by cooking more than 240 waffles. After all was said and done, we spent over 50 hours researching, testing and comparing. We wanted to determine the convenience and reliability of each product and did so by making a list of each device's features and comparing them against each other.

More points were awarded to products that feature an audio beeper since this allows you to focus on other things instead of constantly monitoring your waffle maker until it is done cooking. We measured the accuracy of each waffle maker's light and sound indicators. Points were also awarded to devices that made waffles that were 7 inches wide or larger since this gives you more food.

We determined our design ratings based on how much space the unit takes up on a countertop. Smaller products that can store upright with cords wrapped up scored higher since this saves more room. Waffle makers with heat-resistant handles were also awarded more points since they are less likely to burn you.

We timed the heat-up, cooking and clean-up times of each device and awarded more points to the machines that save you time. Since clean-up can be a tricky and unpleasant process, we also awarded more points to units that feature a no-drip design and non-stick surfaces. The standard warranty for waffle makers covers one year. We awarded more points to products that had longer than average warranties.

How Much Does a Waffle Maker Cost?

There are waffle makers on the market to fit every budget—ranging between $20 and $60. Most of the waffle makers we tested were around $50 but there are some as much as $130. We recommend buying a mid-priced model to get a longer device lifespan and cooking quality, as you get the same results you would from a high-priced model.

How to Choose a Waffle Maker

Because these appliances perform a simple task, we wanted to pick ones that are easy to use. We whipped up a traditional homemade batter and made multiple batches with each waffle iron to see if they could produce consistent results. We also tested each machine with a blueberry batch and a chocolate chip batch to see how well each device handled mix-ins.

In our research, we looked for some tried and true recipes for waffle batter and were surprised at just how creative people all around the country got with their waffle makers. Some of the recipes we wanted to try in future testing (or just at home) included omelettesgrilled cheese waffles and hashbrowns. If you're thinking of experimenting beyond the classic waffle mix, check out some of the fun recipes you can find on websites such as Food NetworkAllrecipes, or Yummly. There are even gluten free waffle recipes you can try out from various blogs.

To better understand the lifespan and reliability of these appliances, we spoke with the general manager of a popular breakfast food franchise to see how often waffle makers in his busy establishment needed to be replaced. He told us that the machines themselves last long periods, but that the waffle plates need to be replaced every six months for optimal waffle making. While it’s unlikely that you’ll use your waffle maker as often as a busy restaurant, the material your waffle plates are made of will determine how long they last and how easy cleanup is.

We spoke with Alexus, an appliance associate at Best Buy. She told us that the best waffle makers use cast iron or cast-iron-blend plates. “You can tell by how it feels if it is a quality material. It also makes the waffle maker easier to clean.” In addition to lasting longer and being easier to clean, cast iron materials make it easier to remove waffles from the warm griddle.

Most modern waffle machines come with a light or a buzzer, or both, to indicate when the surfaces are hot enough to cook and another light or alarm to indicate when the waffles are done. We observed whether these indicators could accurately tell when the appliance was ready to work and when the waffles were actually ready to eat. We also made note of which waffle makers were the fastest.

One reason waffle makers are generally only given countertop space on the weekend is their reputation for being difficult to clean. It can be hard to keep the batter from running over the sides during the cooking process and to clean everything up afterward. We timed how long it took us to get everything clean following the manufacturer's instructions.

We paid attention to how easy the waffle makers are to assemble as well. Most come fully assembled, but any that were difficult to get from box to waffle-making received lower scores.