Motorola Boom 2+ Review

If you need an inexpensive, basic Bluetooth headset, the Motorola Boom 2+ is a solid option.

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The Motorola Boom 2+ offers the basic Bluetooth Headset functions in a small, water- and dust-resistant design.


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    The Motorola Boom 2+ is the least expensive Bluetooth headset we tested.


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    It has a much quieter max volume than others.

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If you need an inexpensive, basic Bluetooth headset, the Motorola Boom 2+ is a solid option. It’s a tiny, lightweight device with an IP54-rated coating to protect it against water and dust ingress, so you can make a call in the rain.


Many of the products we reviewed performed similarly, with few product flaws standing out. One very noticeable thing about the Boom 2+ is that its quieter than any of the other headsets we tested. To test the maximum volume levels, we played very loud audio clips through each headset and measured the decibel reading right up against the speaker. The Boom 2+ put out 68 decibels, while others could crank out up to 101 decibels. The World Health Organization recommends listening to music at no more than 85 decibels for extended periods of time. But the Boom’s measly 68 decibels output doesn’t live up to the device’s name. The Boom 2+ works well if you’re using your headset primarily in moderately quiet environments such as in an office or your car. If you need something with a little more oomph, we recommend the Jabra Stealth.

Call Performance

Aside from being quiet, the Boom 2+ has average audio and voice quality. It isn’t the best, but it works fine. The mic tends to pick up some ambient noise during calls in loud environments, but that’s also true of several other headsets we tested. One area where the Boom 2+ outperforms is battery life, as it has nine hours of talk time or eight days on standby. The only device we tested with longer talk time is the Sennheiser Presence, which is more expensive than the Boom 2+.


The Motorola Bluetooth headset weighs in at nine grams. This isn’t the lightest headset we reviewed, but it is very small. It features a volume rocker and one call button directly over the speaker. These are easy to find and use while you’re wearing the headset. The Boom 2+ has a flappable mic that works as an on/off switch for the device and is a useful visual cue to remind you to shut it off when you’re not wearing it.

The Boom 2+ comes with two different ear gels styles, but they are relatively the same size. It also comes with an omni-directional ear hook for added security on either ear. Unlike some other products we tested, the Boom doesn’t come with a charging case, wall adapter or car charger, though it does include a USB to microUSB cable.

The Motorola Boom 2+ isn’t the best Bluetooth headset on the market, but its inexpensive cost, various wearing styles and simple functionality make it a great value if you’re looking for a basic Bluetooth headset.

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