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Casper Hybrid Mattress review

Comfy, contouring foam meets super-supportive springs in this best-of-both-worlds Casper Hybrid mattress

Casper Hybrid Mattress review
(Image: © Casper Mattress)

Our Verdict

The Casper Hybrid superbly combines a base of pressure-relieving springs with three layers of comfort-enhancing foam. This is a great mattress for users with aches and pains, who have had problems with mattresses that sagged after prolonged use.


  • Highly supportive pocket springs
  • Great for back- and side-sleepers
  • Pressure-relieving


  • Not ideal for front sleepers
  • Some may find springs too forceful

The Casper Hybrid Mattress is a variant of the original Casper mattress. Whereas the original version is made up purely of foam layers and a cover, the Hybrid combines three foam layers with a pocket-sprung base.  

Like the original version of the Casper, the Casper Hybrid comes compressed in a box – quite an impressive feat, considering it has a layer of springs inside it. The Hybrid also comes with the industry-standard 100-day returns policy (if bought via a participating retailer), so you can get your money back if you decide the mattress is not for you. For our money, it's one of the best mattress options for anyone looking at buying a hybrid.

Casper Hybrid Mattress review: Price and value 

The Casper Hybrid mattress ranges in RRP from $795 to $1,395, depending on which size you buy. The smallest size, Twin, costs $795; a Twin XL costs $845; Full, $1,095; Queen, $1,195; and a King or CAL King costs $1,395. 

If these prices seem a little steep, bear in mind that mattress brands tend to run online promotions quite frequently. This is certainly true of Casper, which slaps big discounts on its mattresses at strategic times of year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day. 

It’s worth noting that the Hybrid version of the Casper costs about $200 more than the all-foam Original version, based on their RRPs. The added support of springs comes at a premium. It's a little pricier than the likes of the Purple Mattress.

Casper Hybrid Mattress review: Performance and comfort

Casper Hybrid: Key specs

Depth: 9.5-17.7-inches depending on size
Firmness: 8/10
Sizes: US - 6 , UK - 8
Material: foam, springs
Flip? No
Delivery: free
Returns: free
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years

  • Highly comfortable mattress
  • Well suited to easing aches and pains
  • Clearly feel the added uplift from the springs

Our testing showed the Casper Hybrid to be a highly comfortable mattress that’s particularly well suited to easing aches and pains. You can clearly feel the added uplift from the springs, especially toward the center of the mattress, where about half of your bodyweight is likely to be concentrated. It’s a great relief on aching joints after a hard day’s work. 

The benefit of the Casper Hybrid’s springs is most noticeable when you’re lying on your back, particularly in the small of the back. This effect is also pleasant when lying on your side, though we found it less desirable when front-sleeping. 

Moving on from the pocket-sprung layer, the Hybrid has all the good points we’ve come to expect from a Casper mattress. The cover is comfy and breathable, the contouring foam layer adjusts well to the body, and the mattress sleeps cool enough for use in warm weather. We’d give this mattress an eight on the firmness scale – ideal for customers who like to feel well-supported, and who might not get along so well with a mattress that relies solely on memory foam.

Casper Hybrid Mattress review: Features 

  • Four-layer mattress
  • Three foams stacked on a bed of springs
  • Has enhanced edge support

The Casper Hybrid is a four-layer mattress, with three foams stacked on a bed of springs. The upper layer is a 1.5-inch breathable, open-cell foam, designed to prevent overheating during the night. The next layer down is a 1.5-inch contouring memory foam, which molds to the user’s body. Below that, a 1.5-inch transition foam cushions the effect of the springs below. This layer provides zoned support, with a firmer feel around where your hips would be. 

Right at the bottom, you’ll find the component that makes this mattress a hybrid: a layer of 7-inch tall pocket springs that add lift and bounce. In an original Casper mattress, this layer would be a simple support foam. 

The Casper Hybrid has enhanced edge support, meaning the edges of the mattress are relatively firm, which makes them comfier to sit on. This can be a helpful feature for people who might find it tough to get in or out of their bed. 

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(Image credit: Casper)

The Casper is a mattress delivered in a box, so is great for anyone with limited access to their property. It's also made in the UK, so may be trickier to buy in some areas of the US.

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(Image credit: Casper)

The Casper website isn't as info-packed as many of its rivals, so you should do some thorough research elsewhere before committing to a Casper mattress.

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(Image credit: Casper)

The benefit of a hybrid mattress is that is offers both an extra layer of comfort and support, while allowing movement for two adults. This means you shouldn't disturb your partner while shifting around in bed.

Casper Hybrid: User reviews 

TopTenReviews is not the only online reviewer with good things to say about the Casper Hybrid. Linda Clayton of Real Homes describes the mattress as “a brilliant buy for side sleepers or anyone who suffers back pain in particular.” 

Meanwhile, over 19,000 Casper customers have given the Casper Hybrid and Original mattresses an average rating in excess of 4.5 stars at the Casper online store at the time of writing. 

Should you buy the Casper Hybrid Mattress? 

The Casper Hybrid is a significant investment, with an RRP of $795 to $1,395. That said, if you like to feel very well supported in bed, or if you have aches and pains, it could be a smart investment too.

Along with the Helix Mattress and the Leesa Original Mattress, this mattress is one of the best around when it comes to combining a comfy feel with support you can really notice. Lying down on it gave our tester a feeling of instant relief, which we put down to the combination of the pocket-sprung base layer with the denser distribution foam at the center of the mattress. 

Add the customary benefits of a Casper mattress into the mix – particularly the breathable cover and convenient, boxed delivery – and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest the Casper Hybrid would be a great buy for customers who enjoy a firmer feel.