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F-Secure TOTAL Review

TOTAL is one of the best computer protection programs from F-Secure, and it gives you a lot more security tools for your cellphone compared to other programs we tested.

Our Verdict

F-Secure TOTAL does a good job protecting Macs, PCs, and Android and iOS devices against malware. However, some of its features, such as time controls, don’t work on Macs and iOS devices.


  • F-Secure TOTAL includes a VPN.


  • This program causes a noticeable lag during scans.
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TOTAL is one of the best computer protection programs from F-Secure, and it gives you a lot more security tools for your cellphone compared to other programs we tested. F-Secure TOTAL includes F-Secure SAFE, the all-in-one internet program, plus a powerful VPN that lets you work online and keep your device’s IP address invisible. This is a great protection tool against identity theft, plus it cuts down on adware, which generates ads based on your recent searches.

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During our in-house tests F-Secure stopped 98 percent of the Windows malware that attempted to infect our computers. It struggled a bit with the Mac malware samples. It only stopped 87 percent of these threats, though it did find the remaining threats during the deep virus scan. F-Secure TOTAL protects against ransomware, phishing schemes, rootkits, Trojans and all sorts of viruses. With its safe browser extension activated, F-Secure warns you if you try to visit a site that has malicious links or downloads hidden on them.

Its parental controls block websites by content type and URLs so your kids don’t access harmful content, and you can control how much time they spend on the internet. It’s easy to access these controls from the user dashboard. Mac users also have access to parental control tools, though not the time control tools, and they must open the advanced settings to find them. Parental controls are also available for both Android and iOS mobile users.

Both Mac and PC users have access to F-Secure’s password manager, which shields login credentials as you access accounts. You manage all your devices from a single account and dashboard.

The mobile app includes antitheft tools so you can track your lost cell phone and wipe it clean to keep thieves from getting ahold of your sensitive information. You also have access to F-Secure’s password protection and antiphishing tools. The Android devices get an application advisor, which tells you if any tracking apps are activated on your device. However, neither the iOS nor the Android program allow you to block calls from unwanted numbers.

Our biggest complaint is that during virus scans F-Secure created noticeable lag on our computers. Navigating websites wasn’t as troublesome as playing online games, waiting for videos to fully load before watching, or attaching files to outgoing email messages. We found Bitdefender Total Security and Kaspersky Total Security both offered the same level, or better, protection as F-Secure without causing as much slowdown to our test machines.

F-Secure TOTAL is solid computer protection software that includes password managers and a VPN. It protects both computers and mobile devices, though some of its protection tools don’t work on Macs, and cellphones can’t block incoming calls using this program. We noticed some slowdown on our test computer during virus scans.

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