Remington CI91X review

The Remington CI91X T-Studio Thermaluxe Wide Curling Wand creates gorgeous, long-lasting waves, but it's aimed at more experienced users, and here's why...

Remington CI91X review
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The Remington CI91X has a clamp-free wand design that takes some getting used to, but it also lends itself well to loose, beachy waves.


  • +

    Good for creating loose waves

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    Four-year warranty


  • -

    Slow to heat up

  • -

    Design takes some getting used to

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The Remington CI91X T-Studio Thermaluxe Wide Curling Wand is designed to create gorgeous, long-lasting waves, which is does with ease, making it one of the best curling irons for beachy waves. The design isn't beginner friendly though, so we would only recommend this curler if you have previous experience of using hot air stylers on your hair. 

If you are experienced with no-clamp wands, you'll be pleased with the Remington CI91X T-Studio Thermaluxe Wide Curling Wand. Once you get the hang of using it, you'll find that you can quickly power through longer length hair. In our Remington CI91X review we look at the styler's design and performance to help you figure out if it's what your hair needs.

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Remington CI91X review: Design

The Remington CI91X T-Studio Thermaluxe Wide Curling Wand's ceramic non-stick barrel is designed to distribute heat evenly and keep hair in place during styling. Also, this one has a tip that stays relatively cool to the touch. An insulated bag and glove are included to cut down on potential burns, too, which is something that testers feared with the wand curling iron design.

The Remington CI91X is a great wand for creating loose waves. It has a bigger barrel than the other wands we looked at, and the clamp-free design makes it easier to slide the barrel through hair for a more tousled, less formal curl or wave.

All the important safety features are included with this unit. Aside from having a heat resistant shield it will turn itself off if you forget too. Both of those will cut the risk for burns and fires from an exposed barrel that is hot.

Remington CI91X review: Performance

The Remington CI91X T-Studio Thermaluxe Wide Curling Wand has a decent temperature accuracy - it was within 50 degrees of the temperature displayed on its screen. Knowing the actual temperature is important if you have fine hair because high temperatures cause damage. 

It was a little slow to heat up when compared to other stylers on test, which is frustrating if you're in a hurry. The John Frieda Tight Curls is more accurate in terms of temperature control.

This is one of the top stylers for convenience features. It has a digital display that is easier to read than most competitors and a swiveling, fabric-covered cord that is really difficult to tangle. The cord is a little on the short side, but the fact that it is tangle-free made up for it.

The bigger barrel put it at a disadvantage for the curl longevity tests. Looser curls are, well, looser. They held up well over time for what they are though. Our hair still looked wavy at the end of a working day, though less wavy than it did at the outset.

Should you buy the Remington CI91X?

The advantages of using a clamp-free curling iron include no crease mark in your hair and less damage to the ends. That was not enough for most of our testers, who decidedly disliked the wand-style. But if you have long hair and like to create beachy waves, and you have used stylers before, the Remington CI91X is a good choice. 

The non-stick coating on the barrel makes it easy to create waves, and they lasted throughout the day. The Remington CI91X's four-year warranty also inspires a lot of confidence. It's especially impressive to have that much coverage at a lower price point.

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