Braun Series 760 cc-4 review

The Braun Series 760 cc-4 comes with a charging base that doubles as a cleaning, drying and lubrication station, meaning they are easy to maintain.

Braun Series 760 cc-4 review

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The Braun Series 760 cc-4 has several built-in features that work to prevent ingrown hairs, like OptiFoil and ActiveLift technology. It's made by one of the best electric head shavers brands in the world, and can help you achieve a closer cut much faster.

This is thanks to OptiFoil, a special type of foil on the blade that has different sized holes to compensate for hairs growing in abnormal directions – let’s face it, not all hairs grow with the grain. The ActiveLift option is actually a middle trimmer in the electric razor that lifts potential ingrown hairs that lay flat against the skin.

One of the problems when shaving your head is ensuring you get a close shave despite bumps and uneven surfaces. Unless your head is perfectly flat (wouldn’t that be a sight), it can be difficult. However, the Braun 760’s pivoting head is the solution to getting at every angle.

The Braun 760 has the clean and renew system that cleans, dries and lubricates the shaver so it stays in top-notch shape. All you need do is push the clean and renew button on the charging base and the hair shaver will clean itself. If you want a small upgrade within this series of electric shavers, you can opt for the Braun 790, which has a built-in cleaning censor.

An LCD display screen indicates when you need to charge the bald head shaver. A small percentage on the screen will show how much battery is left. When it shows 10% battery left, you can still shave approximately two more times. This same display panel also shows you when a blade needs to be replaced.

There are three different shave modes available with the Braun 760: intensive, normal and sensitive. If you're using it on your head, you may want to test out each setting in a small area to determine which will be most comfortable for your skin type. If the skin on your face is normally sensitive, your head probably will be, too. If you’re interested in a quick shave, Braun recommends using the intensive setting.

We really like the Braun 760 hair shaver. It has enough features to satisfy even the techiest of people, but still has a user-friendly interface. It can clean itself and even tells you when it needs to be recharged. We also love that it has three different settings for different skin types. With this head shaver, your bald head will be perfectly smooth in no time.

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