Pros / You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription.

Cons / We couldn’t get the tracking app or website to work.

 Verdict / The AGPtek is an accurate tracker that experienced some technical difficulties and isn’t as exact as other trackers that work through a smartphone app.

Editor’s Note: The AGPtek is no longer available and has been removed from our product comparison.

This GPS tracker runs on a SIM card, which means you’ll need to purchase one separately from a cell phone service provider and install it yourself. Make sure to use the right size SIM card – if you drop a small card into the depths of this tracker, you have to remove it with a pin or tweezers.

We discovered setting up a SIM card pet tracker like this model or the SafePet4Me is a little less intuitive than the models that sync predominately with smartphone apps. We found many online user reviews stating the same problem.

This tracker includes a charging cord and collar. The collar is an added bonus that didn’t come with any of the other trackers we tested, but we soon realized that’s because most collars are too thick on the end to fit through the slim plastic slots on the tag. You’ll likely need to use the included collar which is black and very large. Despite the large collar, the tag itself only weighs 1.6 ounces and stays securely attached, passing our durability tests easily just like the Whistle 3. This is one of the few trackers we tested that isn’t waterproof or water resistant, so keep that in mind if your pet likes water or splashes their water bowl around a lot.

The instructions are fairly easy to follow, though there are some grammar errors throughout. Once the SIM card is installed, you can text the tag various commands from your phone. If you want to know where Fluffy the Escape Artist has run away to, you text a location command to the tag and will receive a Google Maps link showing its location. In our tests we got a response in under a minute.

It might have been a fluke, but the first two tests we conducted in a metropolitan city gave us totally inaccurate location readings: the links we received said the tag was near Hong Kong, which was about 7,000 miles off. We restarted the device and were then able to get accurate locations both in the city and out on a mountainous hiking trail. In general, this was an accurate tracker but it lacked some of the features that come with a smartphone app tracker.