Pros / It is waterproof.

Cons / You have to pay a monthly subscription.

 Verdict / The Pod 3’s unique shape makes it ideal for finding small pets that wander far from home.

The Pod 3 is a GPS tracker that stands out because of its cylindrical design. The tag itself weighs 1.4 ounces, and even though it’s not the lightest one in our lineup, the rubber strap used to affix it to a collar can be fastened tightly so the tag doesn’t get in the way.

This tracker includes a battery charging dock you plug into a computer or wall charger via USB. Two batteries are included as well so you can always have a fully charged unit ready to go. You can download and use the free app to track your pet, which requires cell phone service, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or use the tracking website.

There are also personalization options on the app where you can enter your pet’s breed, weight and other specifications, just like the Whistle 3 and Trax Play. This is the kind of thing that makes keeping an eye on your pet seem almost fun. It’s more of an activity than a chore. The app also has a fencing capability allowing you to set up safe zones for your pet to be inside of. You’ll get a push notification if Fluffy decides to leave those boundaries. One downside to this tracker is that a monthly subscription is required whether you use the app or the website.

Both in town and on a hiking trail, the easy-to-use, free app told us where the tag was located. We did experience some lag in both places as the app updated the location of the tag, and the longest we ever had to wait for a location update was 60 seconds. Still, when the location did update, it was always within about half a block of where the tag really was, so you’re going to have no problem finding a stray pet.

We took this tracker out in a field and fastened it to a small black lab, and she didn’t mind at all when we attached it to her collar. She went running through the bushes and trees, and the tag fared just fine, passing our durability test. We also attached it to one particularly hyper Jack Russel Terrier mix, and while she didn’t want to sit still to attach it, she was totally fine with it once it was on. The Pod 3 looks modern and high-tech, but it’s also waterproof. We dunked it in water to check, and it continued to work even after being submerged.