Pros / It is extremely small and lightweight for even the smallest of cats.

Cons / The beeping might scare some pets.

 Verdict / As its name suggests, the Tabcat is ideal for cats, though it can also work for very small dogs.

This pet tracker transmits a radio signal between the tag and a small receiver to keep track of your pet. You get a receiver, two 0.3-ounce trackers and two splashproof cases that attach to your pet’s collar, all of which are powered by batteries you will eventually need to replace. You sync each tag to a button on the receiver, and when you press the button, the tag will beep continuously while the receiver beeps faster and in a higher pitched tone the closer you get to the tag.

We tested the other pet tracking devices like the Marco Polo and the Trax Play by driving around town and noting their accuracy; then we put them on a dog and went on a hiking trail to test accuracy and durability. Because of the Tabcat’s unique design, we tested it differently from the others. The packaging and online materials say it should work while your pet is up to 400 feet away, but we laid down measuring tape on one very long sidewalk and found it only worked well at about 100 feet. The remote would beep occasionally as far back as 200 feet, but never consistently or in a way that would tell us which direction to keep searching.

Because the Tabcat tracker and receiver both beep, we also conducted something we’ve lovingly named the “cat freakout test.” We attached the tracker to two furry felines, one known for being very amenable and the other known for being a little skittish. This wasn’t the most scientific of tests, but neither cat was very upset by the beeping. One ran around the house as if trying to get away from the beeping, which could be useful if you were looking for a hunkered-down feline. The other cat simply meowed a lot, so overall these trackers weren’t traumatizing.

Within its short range, this tracker was very accurate. We took turns hiding the tags around our offices and then finding them following the beeps of the tags and the receiver. We found them every time. This tracker is ideal for finding a cat that likes to get lost in cluttered barns and garages or disappear behind and underneath furniture.

The Tabcat comes with a two-year warranty, just in case something doesn’t work. While this tracker isn’t ideal for every pet owner, it’s great for small indoor animals that don’t stray very far.