Pros / It’s inexpensive.

Cons / The shiny part of the remote face is easily scratched and smudged.

 Verdict / The Insignia 4-Device Universal Remote offers everything the average user wants from a remote without being overly complicated.

The first thing we noticed about this universal remote is that it’s almost identical to the Inteset 4-in-1. Both remotes are compatible with four devices and have similar button placement.

The Insignia’s face is part shiny and part matte, with a slightly more matte look than the Inteset. Some of our reviewers liked this and others didn’t, but it’s ultimately up to you and the kind of design you prefer. In our tests, we did notice the shiny part of the Insignia’s surface smudged easily, as do all remotes with shiny surfaces. You might want to avoid the shiny type if you have little ones running around with sticky fingers. On the other hand, shiny remotes look sleek and modern, so keep that in mind if you value aesthetics in a remote.

To program this remote, you simply press the button you want to activate and enter codes that correspond with the brand of the device you’re attempting to sync. This is a common programming method, which we found to be fast and easy. There’s a chance you’ll have to try several codes before achieving success, but we never had to try more than four with any remote in our tests.

Although this remote’s capabilities are limited compared with the Logitech remotes we tested, it functions just fine. We concluded this remote is ideal for the person who isn’t necessarily well-versed in tech products and just wants to simplify their home entertainment system. It can sync with your DVD or Blu-ray player and streaming devices (including a Roku). Plus, it is available at a reasonable price point, so you don’t have to spend a lot to streamline your entertainment system.

The Insignia runs on two AA batteries and like the RCA RCR6473Z 6-Device remote, it passed our drop test from 3 feet above the ground without falling apart. It also worked 21 feet across the room from the TV. Most of our reviewers were pleased with the shape of the Insignia, but some with larger hands said it didn’t feel comfortable in their palms. Its colorful buttons are large enough that you easily can see what you’re doing, but they’re not backlit, so you might have a little trouble manipulating the remote in the dark.

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