Pros / The buttons are backlit and well-placed.

Cons / It connects to just four devices.

 Verdict / The Inteset 4-in-1 is one of the best universal remotes we tested, based on its easy setup, comprehensive features and smooth, comfortable feel.

The Inteset connects to four devices easily and quickly. While this is far from the most some other universal remotes can handle, the easy setup and intuitive design make this remote a standout for the average home entertainment system.

The Inteset’s functionality is similar to several of the other remotes we tested. You select the button you're programming and then type in a code that matches your TV or other device you're syncing. Most remotes include a list of codes that match common devices, but Inteset instead sends you directly to its website to find them. It’s a personal preference, but our reviewers found this to be somewhat inconvenient if they didn’t have their laptop or smartphone on hand. The website was, however, easy to use. You simply scroll to whatever remote you own, click on the device you’re trying to sync and then select the brand from the subsequent popup menu. Overall setting up the Inteset was faster than the more labor-intensive process of the high-tech Logitech remotes.

We noticed immediately that the Inteset is almost identical to the Insignia 4-Device Universal Remote in button layout and programming. The Inteset, however, has backlit keys and a sleeker front that our reviewers liked. They also liked the ergonomic shape of both remotes, which are slightly heavier in the curved base that rests in your palm.

The remote also has macro buttons you can program to perform more than one function at a time, an impressive feature for a remote with this low price point. Macro buttons mean, for example, that you can turn on your TV, turn on your DVD player and get to the movie's main menu solely with the push of one button. Other high-tech remotes can also complete a series of commands with the press of a button, but the Inteset’s ease of use made it really stand out.

The two AA batteries required to use the remote are included in the packaging, which is a convenience some remotes lack. Stickers are also included so that you can personalize the remote's buttons to denote what they sync to, but they're incredibly tiny and you must cut them out yourself. They also don't adhere reliably to either the buttons or the hard surface of the remote, so they're essentially useless.

We’ve all knocked a remote or too off the couch, so we did the same with every remote in our lineup by dropping it a couple of times from about three feet in the air. This sturdy remote stayed intact through our tests.

This universal remote feels comfortable in your hand, with a large curved bottom that fits snuggly in your palm. The back is lined with a satin rubber material that adds to the pleasant feel. The keys are backlit brightly, so you'll have no trouble manipulating the remote in the dark during movie nights or while binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix.

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