Pros / Our testers liked how the remote felt in their hands.

Cons / It’s complicated to set up and requires an internet-connected computer.

 Verdict / The Logitech Harmony 350 is a great remote for the tech-savvy user, but its setup requires a computer and is generally more complicated than other remotes.

Our research shows Logitech is one of the most-favored brands of universal remotes available and while it has wide-ranging capabilities, the setup process was technical. This remote is definitely for someone well-versed in technology.

The Harmony 350 can sync with up to eight devices, just like the Sony 8-Device RMVLZ620 and comes with a USB cord for connecting the remote to your computer, which is required to set up the remote and use it. You must create an online account with Logitech which, while more time-consuming than the simple push-button setup of other universal remotes we tested, is nice because you can transfer your saved settings from one Logitech remote to another.

The fine print during setup notes your remote may send anonymous information to an analytics tool, including feature usage, your IP address, metrics and errors, to aid in future product improvements. Some users might not mind this, but if you do, there is no opting out. Setup bluntly states that if you don’t want Logitech collecting that information, “then do not use the Logitech product.”

Although other universal remotes sync to your devices either manually or automatically with pre-listed codes, Logitech requires you to enter the manufacturer and the model number. This conveniently eliminates having to enter multiple codes to find the right device, but it could be annoying if your home entertainment system is already installed and you must crawl around behind a shelving system to find the model number on the back or bottom of your devices.

Complicated setup aside, once you’ve done it, the Harmony 350 works fine and is similar to the Logitech Harmony 650. The buttons are intuitive, and our testers said the weight and shape of the remote felt good in their hands. You can set it up so that the remote does several functions in a specific order, simply by pressing one button. It passed our drop test from 3 feet above the ground and works at least 21 feet away from your TV. Two AA batteries are included in the packaging. The cord that comes with the remote is small and easy to lose, but it’s also easy to replace since similar cords are sold at most retailers.

Although the Harmony 350 can connect with up to eight devices, it has just four buttons to do so. You program two devices on one button and access one with a short, quick press and the other by pressing it for a longer time. It's easy once you get used to it, but someone unfamiliar with the remote will likely struggle. This also goes for the “watch TV” button, which is bigger and more prominent than the “power” button and confused our testers.

Logitech has several more-expensive models of universal remotes, like the Harmony Elite and the Harmony 950, but we excluded them from our lineup since they cost $200 or more. Users who don’t mind the higher price tag and consider themselves tech-savvy might want to check them out.

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