Pros / It’s programmable with up to six devices.

Cons / Its shiny face smudges and scratches easily.

 Verdict / The RCA 6-Device RCR6473Z is one of the easier remotes to program, and although some of our testers didn’t like the look and feel of the remote, the buttons are intuitive.

This remote can connect to up to six devices, a middle-of-the-road number compared with other universal remotes at this price point. Typically, remotes that sync with a high number of devices are going to cost more, like the Logitech Harmony 650 which can sync with up to eight. This RCA remote is reasonably priced while still working with a considerable number of devices, including your TV, cable box and audio components. It is also compatible with DVR.

The buttons on this remote are easy to read. Unlike some remotes with buttons that are close together, here they’re spaced widely apart, making them easy to find and press by feel. The buttons also protrude from the surface of the remote, and although this doesn’t necessarily make it look very sleek or modern, it’s great for actual use. The periwinkle blue keys on this remote were a fun design choice that we didn’t see on any others we tested.

This remote isn’t backlit, but all the buttons do glow in the dark, a feature we found worked just fine in a darkened room. This RCA remote requires two AAA batteries, just like the Philips SRP5018/27, and saves battery life by shutting down if you hold any key on the remote for one minute. Even though our testers said it felt light in their hands and anticipated it might break easily, it passed our drop test from about 3 feet above the ground. It works at a distance of 21 feet (or more) from your devices.

One issue we experienced with this remote is that it wouldn’t pair with our Philips Blu-ray player. The instructions and packaging note it’s compatible with DVD players and list a ton of potential syncing codes, so you might have better luck with your own device than we did. This remote also pairs with streaming services, so if you’ve moved past using discs of any sort, this remote will still work for you.

Our reviewers thought the overall feel was too lightweight, and as with all remotes that have a shiny front, it gets dirty and smudges far too easily. Our reviewers were concerned the light weight would translate to breaking easily, even though this RCA remote did pass our drop test. In general, this remote wasn’t loved by our testers.

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