Blue Jeans Cable takes pride in that a large majority of its product components are manufactured in the United States. The BJC Series-FE HDMI Cable with Ethernet uses the patented Bonded-Pair technology developed by Belden, a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cables and wires. This technology provides excellent signal stability and is conveniently flexible.

The Belden Bonded-Pair technology helps to secure an otherwise fragile connection in a 28- AWG (American wire gauge) cable by bonding the dielectric, or wire insulator, on two wires together. Doing so makes the electrical impedance of the pair more consistent, and it holds that consistency when the cable is bent or twisted.

The BJC Series-FE HDMI is certified as a High-Speed Cable with Ethernet. This means that it maintains a minimum bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. This allows the cable to handle 1080p, 3D and even 4K video signals. It also supports just about any audio technology you can think of.

Ethernet provides an internet connection to devices that are designed to receive the technology through an HDMI cable. Few devices have that ability at the time of writing, but the technology future-proofs the cable for technologies that will be available in the next few years. Eliminating an extra cord is always nice.

A 28-AWG cable is the size of most of the cables we looked at. Some companies, including Blue Jeans Cable, provide 28-AWG cables in shorter lengths and use a lower gauge for longer cable runs. You can get a 23.5-AWG HDMI cable without Ethernet for distances up to 100 feet from Blue Jeans Cable. The company also provides a discount, tinned-copper HDMI cable, as well as cable adapters and other cable accessories.

The BJC HDMI with Ethernet is available in both black and white in 14 different lengths, ranging from 1 foot to 25 feet. This is the most length options of any cable we considered.

Blue Jeans Cable provides a 30-day warranty on its products, which is paltry compared to the lifetime warranties on other products such as the Monoprice Select and AmazonBasics HDMI cables. We are impressed by the plethora of information that the company's website provides on product information pages and articles, but the information is somewhat disorganized and hard to sort through. It also leaves out important details, such as what metal is used in its Belden Bonded-Pair conductors.

Although it is not clear which metal is used for the conductors in the BJC Series-FE HDMI Cable with Ethernet, it is clear that Blue Jeans Cable took great care to design a cable that provides a reliable signal and still costs much less than some other HDMI cables we considered. However, the product's warranty is disappointing.

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