Pros / This HDMI switcher comes with its own power supply.

Cons / It only supports 12-bit deep color.

 Verdict / The Fosmon HD1832 is a decent HDMI switcher that has some minor faults.

The whole purpose of an HDMI switcher is to give you more ports on your TV. With five HDMI ports, the Fosmon HD1832 fulfills that purpose. As an HDMI switch, the Fosmon HD1832 gets many things right, but it has some flaws as well. For example, the LEDs are on the top side of the device, and there isn't any built-in equalization. On the plus side, you get an external infrared (IR) sensor, and the HD1832 comes with a power supply.

Not all HDMI switchers include a power supply in their packaging. The thought is that the switch can pull power from the devices that are plugged into it. In reality, this means that you need to have two or three devices plugged into the switch at all times – disrupting the device's auto-switching ability. It's far better to have a separate power supply, which the Fosmon HD1832 does, that plugs into your wall.

The Fosmon HD1832's top-facing LEDs can be difficult to see when you're sitting on your couch. That makes it harder to tell which inputs are active. While this isn't a mission-critical flaw, it can certainly be annoying.

Some HDMI switchers support up to 48-bit deep color, which gives you billions of colors, making the image on your TV look very vibrant. The Fosmon HD1832 can only handle 12-bit deep color. While that's still pretty good, your Blu-ray won't look as nice as it would with a switch with better deep color.

With an external IR sensor, you can place the Fosmon HD1832 just about anywhere you want. You can even hide the HDMI switch and all of its attendant cables, then place the IR sensor in plain view. This allows the remote to communicate with the HDMI switcher but keeps the device from being an eyesore.

You get a one-year warranty with the Fosmon HD1832. That's standard for this industry, but some other manufacturers offer up to three-year warranties. If you need to contact Fosmon, you only have one option: email. There isn't a live chat option on its website, nor is there a phone number you can call.

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The Fosmon HD1832 is a decent HDMI switcher that covers most of the basics. It gives you five additional HDMI ports for your TV and comes with an external IR sensor. If you can live with its hard-to-see LEDs and merely decent deep color support, then this HDMI switcher should work well.

Fosmon HD1832 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

1 Year
Email, Chat, Phone Support Available


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External IR Sensor
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HDMI 1.3b
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HDCP 1.1
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