Pros / It has a sturdy design with a long coaxial cable.

Cons / It didn’t receive as many channels as other antennas in our tests.

 Verdict / This is an inexpensive way to get an amplified antenna, but if you spend a few more bucks, you’ll likely receive better reception and more channels.

The 1byone Shiny White HDTV Antenna feels a little bit sturdier than the average HDTV antenna. It isn’t constructed of flimsy paper-like material like many others. Instead, the 1byone HDTV antenna is thin hard plastic that doesn’t move or bend. Even though it feels sturdy, it didn’t perform nearly as well as some of the best HDTV antennas in our lineup.

When you first install any HDTV antenna, you’ll need to move it around and scan for channels to see where it gets the best reception. The 1byone HDTV antenna comes with a 20-foot cable to provide you with plenty of slack to find the best place in your home. Some antennas like the Insignia Fine Tuning Indoor come with attached cables that are only 5 feet long and leave you hamstrung when trying to find the best reception in your home.

Our first signal quality testing was done in our downtown offices. The office building is surrounded by taller buildings and trees. These outside structures often affect reception. The 1byone antenna was able to pick up 16 channels in our office. That’s on the low end of the spectrum for channel scanning, where the best were able to pick up 30 or more channels.

We received ABC. That was it for the major networks. We were unable to pick up CBS, NBC or PBS in our office building. There were a handful of other local channels that we received that were all good HD quality. There simply weren't as many channels as other antennas like the ClearStream Micron.

In our second location – an apartment a few miles south of our office – we didn’t have much better luck with the HD digital antenna. Outside of the apartment is a field with no structural obstacles, so we figured we’d get more channels and better reception. We were able to receive 21 channels instead of 16, but the extra channels, which were subchannels from major networks, were poor quality. This time around, we were able to receive ABC along with NBC and CBS all with good quality. Even though we were able to pick up 21 channels, the best in our comparison picked up nearly 40 channels, so there were many out there that the 1byone was missing. Please keep in mind the number of channels you receive will vary upon your location.

We were a bit surprised that this HDTV didn’t perform a bit better. It is amplified and scans in a 50-mile radius. All that being said, it still performed better than the non-amplified antennas in our review.

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  • Number of Channels (downtown office)
  • Number of Channels (suburban apartment)
  • Antenna Range
  1. This is the total number of channels we received based on our location.
    More is Better.
  2. 6  1byone
    16.0 Channels
  3. 32.0 Channels
  4. 26.0 Channels
  5. 18.0 Channels
  6. Category Average
    20.0 Channels


This digital HDTV antenna performed better than all of the non-amplified HDTV antennas, but it was the worst out of the amplified models. Its design affords you the chance to find the best place in your home, but regardless, we didn’t get great results. If you are farther away from a TV tower, this amplified antenna might be a good idea, but there are better ones out there for most situations.

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Coaxial Cable Length (feet)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
11.2 x 10.1 x .2
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Signal Pickup Quality
Number of Channels (downtown office)
Number of Channels (suburban apartment)
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