Loctek makes a wide range of TV wall mounts, monitor mounts and other ergonomic products for the home and office, but it's one of the few manufacturers that makes wall mounts for curved TVs. The Loctek R2 is one the best TV wall mount for curved TVs because it combines the mobility of a full motion TV wall mount with stability and support. It supports TVs up to 70 inches and 99 pounds. In addition, it has a universal VESA pattern that fits TVs with patterns as large as 600 x 400.

While curved TVs have been around for years, they are still relatively uncommon, which means that TV wall mounts for curved TVs are also uncommon. Loctek has three models – the R2, R2L and R1H. While we couldn’t find a difference between the R2 and the R2L, the R1H is a fixed wall mount that costs significantly less.

The R2 is a full motion TV mount. The TV rests on an articulating arm that extends out to 18.8 inches from a 3.3-inch profile. The bracket that mounts to your TV has a tilt function that allows you to adjust the lean of the TV up to 10 degrees. This isn’t much compared to other tilting TV mounts like the OmniMount PLAY40, but it’s enough to minimize glare from lights or the sun. The mount also pivots, allowing you to swing the TV left or right up to 180 degrees.

Unlike the VideoSecu ML531BE which only requires one stud, installing the R2 requires two studs that are 16 inches apart, which is the standard distance between wall studs. It’s rated to support 99 pounds, which is less than most TV wall mounts that can fit onto 70-inch TVs. Fortunately, it’s not common for TVs to weigh over 100 pounds, even at 70 inches. That said, Loctek promises that all of its mounts are UL tested to hold more than four times the rated weight.

The mount is compliant with VESA patterns, which are the mounting patterns for the screws on the back of your TV, up to 600 x 400. This covers almost all brands of TVs, though you should always double-check your TV's VESA pattern.

When it comes to TV wall mounts for a curved TV, there aren’t many options, but the Loctek R2 is a great one. It doesn’t cost more than $100 and it’s the most popular mount for a curved TV on the market. It fits most TV brands and sizes, and it has the mobility of a full motion TV wall mount.

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