The Mount-It MI-318B is a robust TV wall mount that is capable of holding a TV that measures 32 to 60 inches and weighs up to 175 pounds, though it’s rare for a TV to weight this much. You'd think all of that steel and mounting hardware would make the TV stick out noticeably from the wall, but the mount actually contains all of the components quite well. The most the TV should extend from the wall when in a fixed position is only 1.5 inches. If you take advantage of the tilting feature, which goes up to 12 degrees, the profile size may increase.

On the back of your flat-screen TV, you'll find a pattern of holes compliant with VESA up to 700 x 400. If your TV has a larger VESA pattern, this mount will not work. That said, it’s fairly uncommon for TVs under 60 inches to have a VESA pattern larger than 700 x 400. Still, it’s important to double-check your TV’s pattern before purchasing a TV wall mount.

When you open the Mount-It MI-318B and take out all of the components, you'll notice a lot of mounting hardware. You likely won’t use all of it, but there’s no need to fret about leftover screws. Since every installation is unique, it’s packaged with extra hardware so that you have enough for your situation. For example, you'll see hardware meant to attach the wall plate to wood studs, metal studs, brick or concrete. Just like the Mount-It MI-305B, there is a bubble level built into the mount along the top bar, but just to be sure, we recommend having a larger, more reliable level on hand.

Adjusting your mounted TV is a breeze. A built-in horizontal adjustment feature allows you to unlock the TV, slide it laterally to the desired position and then lock it back into place. We like this feature because it allows you to adjust the TV to your room's specifications, not the other way around.

The Mount-It website is much easier to navigate than the Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B website and it has all of the information you could need. When you research a product, it is nice to have all of the pertinent data laid out for you, and Mount-It provides all of it at your fingertips, which is more than a lot of TV wall mount manufacturers do. Best of all, Mount-It offers a five-year warranty on all of its TV wall mounts, guaranteeing the quality.

Mount-It has a good product in the MI-318B TV wall mount. Whether you're mounting a television in an office, motel, bedroom or home theater, Mount-It provides all of the necessary components to do so and adds a few extras along the way. We appreciate the locking bar that you can padlock if the TV is hung in a public place or simply secured in the desired viewing position. Another convenient feature is the horizontal and tilt adjustment that allows you to truly personalize your entertainment setup.

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