The OmniMount PLAY40 is the best interactive TV wall mount because it provides full horizontal and lateral movement with a sturdy articulating arm that can support TVs up to 55 inches and 40 pounds. If your TV is bigger than that, you can opt for the PLAY70 that supports up to 70 pounds, though that's still less than the 150 pounds the Sanus Systems VMPL50A-B1 can support. Either TV wall mount is ideal for situations where you’re often changing the viewing perspective.

The OmniMount PLAY series of TV wall mounts aren’t as affordable as most TV wall mounts, costing over $200. But then again, the easy mobility that interactive TV wall mounts provide doesn’t come cheap, and some interactive mounts cost thousands. The PLAY series provides excellent, fluid motions while still supporting most TV sizes.

The PLAY40 mounts your TV to an articulating arm that provides 20 inches of smooth vertical and horizontal movement. It also extends outward up to 24 inches, which is farther than most full-motion TV wall mounts including the VideoSecu ML531BE. One downside of the PLAY40 is the mounting profile is 5.5 inches, which means it doesn’t hug the wall when it's retracted. Of course, with an interactive mount, you’re more concerned with fluid movement and not a TV that looks like it’s hung like a painting.

The Constant Force technology in the joints of the PLAY40 allows you to move the TV with little effort while maintaining stability. You don’t have to release any clips or locks to move the TV. You simply have to grab the TV and move it to the angle that you need.

You can also tilt the TV up to 15 degrees to minimize glare and pan the TV left or right up to 180 degrees. Basically, this provides your TV with the same mobility of a full-motion TV wall mount, but with the vertical advantages of an articulating arm.

This mount installs onto a single stud or a solid wall. It comes with all the necessary installation hardware. The PLAY40 also has a cable management system to hide your cables in the arm so that the cables aren’t dangling wildly. The mount is VESA compliant up to 600 x 400, which fits most TV brands up to 55 inches.

If you’re looking for a mount that offers easy and fluid mobility in all directions, the OmniMount PLAY series provides the best interactive TV wall mounts available. It’s not cheap, but it’s more affordable than most other interactive TV wall mounts.

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