ProMounts, the makers of the ProMounts UF-PRO310 TV wall mount, offers every type of mount you can imagine: fixed, tilting, pivoting, full motion, articulating, ceiling, projector and more. The UF-PRO310's heavy-duty steel construction makes it a secure way to display your flat-screen television. It is designed to hold TVs between 47 and 90 inches that weigh up to 200 pounds, which is more than most mounts in our review. However, the corresponding VESA patterns top out at just 600 x 400.

The ProMounts UF-PRO310 is a fixed TV wall mount, which means you can't tilt the screen at all once it’s mounted. However, this fixed design also provides an ultra-slim profile that sticks out from the wall only 0.87 inches, much less than the 5.5-inch mounting profile of the OmniMount PLAY40 This makes your TV look as though it’s hung like a painting, which makes for a sleek, clean look, so long as you can find a way to hide the cables.

Since this TV wall mount can support up to 200 pounds and TVs as large as 90 inches, the installation requires significant screws drilled into at least two studs. As such, you’ll need to use a stud finder that can locate the center of the stud for an extra-firm hold. If you're installing on a concrete wall, choose two points 16 to 32 inches apart for the most secure hold.

The UF-PRO310 comes with all of the hardware you'll need to mount it onto any surface. The mount also comes with a user manual that will guide you through the installation process. Unlike some of its competitors including the Mount-It MI-305B, it doesn't include a bubble level. This isn’t a major issue, as we recommend using a large level anyway because these are more accurate than the tiny built-in levels that some TV mounts feature.

Like many TV wall mounts, this ProMounts model has a rail-type design. The rails make it easy to install the brackets and, once attached, those brackets can slide into the perfect viewing position, horizontally and vertically. So even though the TV is in a fixed position, you can adjust where it rests on the mount by moving it on the bracket. If you've installed your TV slightly too high, you can still adjust it without having to remove the bracket and drilling new holes.

The ProMounts website has somewhat limited customer support options. It does have a phone number to call during regular business hours and a contact email address, but we were disappointed by the lack of online support options such as FAQs, installation videos and detailed specifications. However, there is an area where you can download a user manual. ProMounts also guarantees this mount with a limited lifetime warranty.

The ProMounts UF-PRO310 is a good option for a fixed TV wall mount, especially if you have a very large TV. While it doesn’t have the mobility of other TV wall mounts, the ability to adjust the horizontal and vertical position on the mount is an excellent feature.

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