Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer review

The Equator EZ 4400N is a great value washer dryer that runs quietly and has a minimalist style to suit most homes.

Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer review
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Despite its compact size, the Equator EZ 4400N has plenty of handy features, and it’s a reliable and quiet washer dryer that can even be run during the night.


  • +

    Quiet running

  • +

    Child lock feature

  • +

    RV users have the option to winterize the machine in two minutes


  • -

    Small load sizes

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One essential feature of the best washer dryer combos is a unit’s ability to function without causing too much noise, especially in family homes. The Equator EZ 4400N has been designed with quietness in mind, meaning you could even operate it at night if you needed to. Although it’s a smaller model, the Equator EZ 4400N has plenty of handy features packed in, and it comes with a reasonable price tag too. 

Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer: Features

The Equator EZ 4400N has many of the essential features of the top washer dryers. It’s compact in size, making it the perfect appliance for smaller homes or apartments, and is also equipped with a ‘Quiet Mode’, which promises to operate at no louder than 60 decibels, the volume of an average conversation. It also has a convertible drying system, so you can choose between venting or condensing, which is great if you can’t quite decide which option would work best for you. You can choose from 14 different wash cycles to cater to plenty of different materials, as well as being able to select singular wash or dry cycles at a time. 

Ease of use is central to the Equator EZ 4400N; its simplified interface makes washing possible with the turn of a dial. The machine also has color-coded controls, which is great if you’re trying to do multiple loads in a busy family home. The Equator EZ 4400N is also equipped with smart sensors to detect the exact amount of water needed for your wash and run it accordingly. This makes the appliance not only economical but environmentally friendly too. Added safety features include a child lock setting, to ensure that inquisitive children can’t change the washer dryer’s settings as it runs. 

This Equator EZ 4400N is especially suited for those who need a washer dryer in their RV, as its small size makes it perfect to take on the road. Even better, it has a two-minute ‘Winterize’ mode, so you can close down the machine when it is not currently needed and not worry about damage to the pipes in your vehicle.

Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer: Size and dimensions


The Equator EZ 4400N’s small size makes it the perfect appliance for any home short on space. Its smaller dimensions mean that it would fit into most laundry rooms very comfortably. Such a small machine does mean there are compromises with capacity, as the maximum load is 13 pounds, which will mean extra washes for a large family. Therefore, this machine might be best suited for smaller families or two-person homes.

In terms of dimensions, the Equator EZ 4400N is 23.5 inches wide, 33.5 inches in height, and 22 inches deep. These dimensions are small, even for a washer-dryer, so consider this model if you’re tight on space. It’s always best to check these dimensions yourself against the space you have, as you don’t want to run into sizing issues after purchase.

In terms of installation, the Equator EZ 4400N requires you to connect hot and cold water hoses to your supply, in order for the convertible drying system to be effective. The user guide doesn’t specify any extra tools or materials needed for installation, so you should be able to do it yourself. As always, be sure to check the instructions on the manual provided to ensure the appliance is correctly installed.

Equator EZ 4400N

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Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer review: User reviews

Currently, the Equator EZ 4400N has a 4-star rating on Amazon from 27 global ratings. 

One user, who had installed the washer dryer in their RV said it “fit perfectly” and added they were “very pleased” with their purchase and the overall quality of the wash cycles. Another reviewer who had installed the appliance into their camper van said the appliance would “pay for itself in six months’ time” and that the machine was so quiet they could even run it whilst they slept. Many users also commented on the helpfulness and timely responses of Equator’s customer services, which is reassuring if issues should arise after purchasing.

Other reviewers were less impressed with the small load sizes, with one user commenting that unknowingly overloading the machine led to a “wrinkled mess”. Various other reviewers added that this machine was only suitable for two people given the number of clothes that can be washed at one time. 

Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer review: Warranty

The Equator EZ 4400N’s is protected under warranty for one year for personal use and 90 days for commercial use. This is a relatively short warranty time for a washer-dryer, so if you’re looking to make a purchase with a little more security, check out the LG WM3488HW which features a lifetime warranty on the machine’s drum.   

Should you buy the Equator EZ 4400N washer dryer?

The Equator EZ 4400N is a small yet impressive washer dryer with lots of great features packed into a simple design. As seen from the user reviews, this machine is a winner with RV and camper van owners too, as its quiet functions and impressive cleaning abilities make it a great travel companion. It would also be good for a small family home, given the child lock settings and simple to operate interface. 

However, households with many children may struggle with the maximum load capacity and need to run multiple washes, which would be time-consuming. So, if you need a washer dryer with a little more room, it might be better to check out the LG WM3998HBA, which has an ultra-large capacity.

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