eufy Clean X8 Pro Robot Vacuum review

Pet fluff and dander, solved

eufy Clean Robotic Vacuum X8 Pro being tested in writer's home
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This robot hoover is ideal if you have a four-legged friend (or two), as the eufy X8 Pro specializes in fluff and fur, and the mop addition can keep floors squeaky clean.


  • +

    Excellent mapping and sensors

  • +

    Self-emptying system is efficient

  • +

    Vacuums and mops

  • +

    Powerful suction


  • -

    Mopping isn’t great

  • -

    Manual no-go zones needed to prevent mopping carpets

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The eufy X8 Pro Robotic Vacuum is a top contender for the title of the best robot vacuum for pet owners, as it effortlessly picks up even the fluffiest dander from pets. Its intelligent mapping, sensors, and sizable self-emptying system make it a next-level cleaning machine for your house. Plus, with its 2-for-1 mop cleaning feature, it eliminates the need for multiple cleaning tools.

While the mop attachment works great on hard floors, it can't automatically prevent itself from mopping carpets, and manual 'no-go zones' are required as the mop section can't be lifted. However, the twin turbine suction makes for powerful lifting, even from the carpet, making it a contender for the title of the best vacuum for pet hair.

Unlike some other models, the X8 doesn't feature bagless cleaning. It comes with a bag installed, which they claim comes with a long fill time. However, replacements are pricey. But, an early-bird welcome offer popped up upon installing the eufy Clean app, giving a code for four bags for free. According to the manufacturer, the bag will last 60 days for a 3-person household with no pets, up to 45 days with one pet, and up to 30 days with two pets.

I put the X8 Pro to the test to see how it could handle food debris, hair, and even a smashed bowl, and it didn't disappoint. For more head-to-head comparisons, check out our guide to the best robot vacuums.

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Jen Thomas

Jen Thomas has been a freelance journalist and reviewer for nearly twenty-five years and is a presenter for Magic Radio and Planet Rock. She loves leopard print, houseplants, clashing patterns, and buying more gadgets than any one person needs. Jen spends her free time playing with and training her Romanian rescue dog and balcony gardening.

Eufy X8 Pro: Key specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 VacuumBase Station
Bin capacity0.4L2.5L
Dimensions13.9 x 13.9 x 3.9"6.1 x 7.6 x 15.11"
Water tank capacity270mlRow 3 - Cell 2

Eufy X8 Pro: Price & availability

The Eufy X8 Pro will set you back $649.99 on the Eufy website and the same amount (at the time of writing) on Amazon. This matches the RRP on Best Buy, though it is often on sale at various times.

There is a newer version available, the Eufy X9 Pro, which will cost you $899.99. This version features intelligent mopping that will lift it away from the carpet, unlike the X8. 

Score: 3/5

eufy Clean Robotic Vacuum X8 Pro being unboxed

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Eufy X8 Pro: Setup & assembly

The eufy X8 Pro comes in sturdy cardboard packaging and takes minimal setting up. The base unit is set up first before the robot vacuum, and there is minimal plastic packaging apart from a couple of necessary bags, with the majority being cardboard.

There is a quick start guide, but the main manual was missing from my box. I quickly located one online that advised adding the mopping element to the robot vacuum. The base is surprisingly small and doesn’t take up much space, and it comes with a clear plastic floorguard to be placed underneath to protect the floor from water damage when the mop is attached.

The guide recommends giving the eufy X8 Pro at least 1.6 ft / 0.5 m of space to the left and right sides of the base and 4.9 ft / 1.5 m of the front of the base to make sure the vacuum can return home easily. However, I lacked a large clear wall space in my flat, and the base easily fits between my sofa and a drinks trolley. Without the 1.6ft of clearance on either side, the vacuum has had no problem returning to the base, making it ideal for smaller apartments, too. 

Foam bumpers need to be removed when first put together, but the preparation is minimal. You are required to download the Eufy Clean app and follow simple step-by-step instructions that show you how to connect the robot vacuum to the Wi-Fi (important note: it requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, and you may need an extender).

You can also name your vacuum, and mine was dubbed ‘Minnie’s Nemesis’ - as my dog was not a fan. Initially suspicious, she eventually would locate herself at the opposite end of whichever room the vacuum was working in, keeping a close eye on the enemy.

Also included in the box is a small cleaning tool, which looks like it could be easily misplaced, but honestly, any small brush will do. It was a one-person job to set up, and it only took about ten minutes from opening the box to being up and running and mapping the flat. 

I initially set it up to vacuum and didn’t attach the mop head for the first few days, but it was easy to do.

Eufy X8 Pro: Design

The X8 comes in a fairly standard graphite grey color, which appears to be the robot vacuum uniform shade. It feels sturdy and weighs in at an impressive 5.4kg. It is surprisingly large, measuring 13.93 x 13.9 x 3.91 in, and is pretty bulky, but it still manages to move around fluidly. It couldn’t fit underneath my sofa but managed to navigate easily underneath an armchair raised on its legs and underneath my dog’s bed.

It has twin turbines, which can be seen underneath, and three sensors designed to stop the robot vacuum from tumbling downstairs (not a problem in my apartment). The base is pleasingly small and unobtrusive.

The element of the X8 that receives the most attention in the promo material is the detangling power of the brush - it’s worth noting that both mine and my dog’s hairs are still wrapped around the brush. However, the detangling comb kept it organized and easy to remove. 

Score: 4/5

eufy Clean Robotic Vacuum X8 Pro being tested

eufy X8 Pro vs Minnie (Image credit: Future)

Eufy X8 Pro: Performance

It took no time at all to map out my one-bedroom flat, and it was soon navigating around a small dining table and chairs and easily moving between rooms. The X8 Pro features a 20mm climbing height, which stops it from getting stuck on bulky door frames and easily navigates the large rug in my living room. However, the corner of the rug occasionally got caught. If you turn the X8 while operating, it issues an audible warning and a text alert on your phone to say that the X8 has left the floor and to find and fix it.

It takes several hours to reach full charge, but it can also be set to return to the base automatically if it senses power is running low. One single charge was more than enough power to clean my flat, even with the mopping going too.

Eufy X8 Pro map

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One irritation is that the X8 doesn’t automatically sense carpets, so when the mop head is attached, you are required to set up No-Mop zones manually on the app. You apply red-hatched squares over the area you do not want the vacuum to visit, and it is incredibly accurate. In fact, the X8 said it couldn’t return home because it would have encroached 1cm into the no-mop zone, which required me to switch it off. The X8 comes with BoostIQ, a setting that it claims will auto-boost suction power depending on the floor type, but despite this, I still found it was better to change the levels manually. 

I tested it with oats and flour on both hard floor and carpet. On a hard floor, with the suction power set to anything other than low or quiet, it flung large oats around the room due to the speed of the brushes and required multiple passes. After adjusting the speed to quiet or low, it made easy work of the oats. It also sucked up the flour easily, as well as shards of porcelain, after I accidentally dropped a bowl.

After manually picking up the large chunks, I was able to set the X8 to do a room clean for the kitchen, before taking over with the manual remote control option to guide it back to places that had been missed for a second pass. You can also pretend that you’re on Robot Wars while guiding it around, and it saves you from excruciatingly waiting for the robot to return to the right spot.

eufy Clean Robotic Vacuum X8 Pro being tested

(Image credit: Future)

The oats didn’t get sent flying on the carpet, but some small oat dust particles did require a second go. The flour was also removed easily on both surfaces. My dog has light blonde hair, and mine is dyed jet black, and it easily picked up hair from both of us, both on the carpet and the hard floor. The only issue was picking up black sock fluff from cream bedroom carpets. It sometimes required a second pass on the highest setting. As much as I love the eufy X8, I still feel like I will need to use my Shark corded vacuum for a deep clean, as well as cleaning dog hair from the sofa and armchair, and for catching the corners of the kitchen that the X8 misses.

It claims to run on a “whisper quiet” 58db or below. However, even the quiet setting came out at 65db+ when monitored. The emptying function with the base is also very loud and made my dog jump a few times when it went off. It has a Do Not Disturb function, and a schedule of cleaning times can be arranged. Unless you particularly like the sound of hoovering as white noise to help you sleep, it wouldn’t be recommended to use at night.

The water tank for the mop is easy to remove - however, it can be fiddly to drain fully after use if you don’t need all of the water. The mopping function is ideal for keeping the kitchen floor fresh but not so much for cleaning major stains. I had a section of dried mud I left after a dog walk to test, and it did clean it up without smearing. However, I wouldn’t advise using it to clean up any major spills or sticky messes, as you could damage the mop. The inability to recognize the carpet is also annoying, and in the future, I won’t bother with the mop and will use it as a vacuum without the attachment. It also notifies you when the water tank is running low, and you can manually choose from three water levels: low, medium, and high.

Score: 4/5

Should you buy the Eufy X8 Pro?

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Price & availabilityNot easily available, mid-range price on offer3/5
DesignNoisy and heavy but great hair removal and looks good4/5
PerformanceGreat mapping and obstacle avoidance, good for picking up hair and general maintenance cleaning4/5

 Buy it if...

You have a pet

The promo material is correct, and the X8 Pro easily tackles the fluff and fur of my dog, which is currently shedding ahead of winter. It has cut down the amount of time I spend manually hoovering to once or twice a week, and the X8 can handle the maintenance. Your furry friend will need time to get used to the robot, but my dog didn’t chase or attack it at all, instead keeping watch from a distance. 

You don’t want to be emptying a vacuum every five minutes

The self-emptying base has a great amount of storage, and I am yet to need to change a bag after two weeks of daily use despite both myself and the dog shedding a lot. According to eufy, a bag should last 60 days for a 3-person household with no pets, up to 45 days with one pet, and up to 30 days with two pets. 

You have both carpeted and hard flooring

The X8 easily handled hard flooring, tiles and carpet and automatically changed the suction level thanks to the Boost iQ function which monitors the floor type. 

 Don’t buy it if...

You want it for mopping

The tank is only small, and unsurprisingly, for a vacuum the mop doesn’t feature much downward pressure for tackling stubborn marks. It’s perfectly fine for a freshen up kitchen or bathroom flooring, but it won’t replace a deep clean. The eufy X9 Pro fares better for mopping, and it can also recognise carpets and raise the mop out of the way.

You have a lot of carpet

The X8 is great on both surfaces but was more useful for the large, open areas of hard flooring or tiling. It is handy for removing dog hair from the living room rug, but navigating the carpeted bedroom and finding its way around the bed means using a corded manual vacuum is much more thorough.

You want it to run at night

Despite the whisper-quiet claims, at the end of the day, it’s still a vacuum and is noisy while trundling around. Fine if you like white noise, but if you want it to run at night, you might be better off choosing another option. 

How I tested the eufy X8 Pro

The eufy X8 Pro was tested in my home for two weeks. Testing was carried out with a series of tests, including food debris, and then also used for everyday cleaning. Both hoovering and mopping were used, with zone cleaning, spot cleaning, and general whole-home cleaning. All testing was done in a spacious one-bedroom apartment with hard floors, tile, vinyl flooring, and a large living room rug to test how it performed on the carpet.

For more on how Top Ten Reviews reviews products, head to our how we test page. 

First reviewed: November 2023

Jen Thomas
Freelance writer

Jen Thomas has been working as a freelance journalist and reviewer for two decades, also presenting for Magic Radio. She has a fondness for leopard print, houseplants, and mixing patterns, as well as a tendency to acquire more gadgets than she really needs. In her spare time, Jen enjoys playing with and training her rescue dog from Romania, as well as tending to her balcony garden.