Delta Auto Protect review

Delta Auto Protect provides very affordable quotes, but the coverage options are very limited, and the sales approach is aggressive.

Delta Auto Protect review

Early Verdict

Delta Auto Protect provided very affordable quotes, but the coverage options are very limited and the sales approach is aggressive.


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    The plans are very affordable


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    The coverage options are limited

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Delta Auto Protect has been selling extended car warranties since 2003. Currently, the service offers three levels of coverage with average restrictions. The plans are among the most affordable, but the sales and marketing approach can be quite aggressive. And while the contracts are relatively short, they aren't very easy to read.

After getting quotes for several vehicles, Delta Auto Protect's quote process received a disappointing C+ grade. This was primarily because it took two days to receive the quotes. And to make it worse, the quotes came with an expiration date and time. By the time I read the quote, I only had four hours left to purchase the plan before the quote expired. This felt unnecessarily aggressive and designed to pressure me into making a quick decision. The subsequent follow-up calls were also very aggressive. This service also called me more than any other company, averaging nearly three calls per day for over a week after submitting the quote. (Update: Over three months since the quote, I am still receiving calls almost every day.)

On a positive note, the quotes I received were among the most affordable options for the vehicles I got quotes on. On average, the cost per mile covered was about $0.02. Only Autopom had a lower price per mile covered. The plans come with a 24-month pay period, so the monthly payments are lower than most services, which have 18-month pay periods. However, the down payment was higher at about 9 percent.

The coverage options are limited and the restrictions are average. Delta Auto Protect only has three coverage options – Diamond, Diamond Plus and Diamond Premier. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as these coverages are standard. There's a comprehensive exclusionary package to cover nearly every component, a basic powertrain package to cover the essentials and a midrange package. While Delta Auto covers vehicles as old as 20 years, it doesn't cover any vehicles with over 140,000 miles. So with limited coverage options and average restrictions, finding coverage for a high-mileage vehicle is unlikely.

The contracts aren't very long. The exact number of pages, and words per page, is difficult to determine because the contracts are previewed as a JPG rather than a PDF like other services. As a result, the contract is not easy to read. The text is very small, and the formatting is a combination of bolded text and capitalized text to signify importance. It can be confusing when the text moves between the two, as the intention isn't clear, and it only serves to distract.

Delta Auto Protect has some of the best reimbursement policies. You are reimbursed up to $65 per day and $260 total for rental vehicles if your car is in the shop. This is more in line with current rental costs and far exceeds other services, which often only cover $30 of a rental per day.

Delta Auto Protect offers affordable plans for vehicles under 140,000 miles, though the coverage options are limited, and the contracts aren't easy to read. The quote process is a bit slow and the salespeople are more aggressive at following up than other services. That said, the roadside assistance policies are very good.

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