Fastest lawn mower 2023: Get the perfect lawn in a flash with these mowers

Fastest lawn mower
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The fastest lawn mowers are designed to help you achieve a pristine yard in a flash. Choosing one of the fastest lawn mowers is ideal if you have a large plot, as they help you cover more ground. Plus, a speedy mower is a real time saver, enabling you to kick back and admire your handiwork. 

So, what kinds of speed can you expect? Your average lawn mower maxes out at about 5-6 mph, limited by the speed a person can walk behind it. Riding mowers have an edge over other models, with the fastest on our list reaching an impressive 12 mph. You won’t see many models with speeds over about 12 mph. That’s because going too fast can compromise cutting performance - manufacturers need to strike a balance. 

It's worth noting that the fastest lawn mower is technically the Honda Mean Mower V2 lawn mower, with attention-grabbing speeds of 150 mph. However, we’ve not included it in our list, as we’ve focused on readily-available models from popular retailers you can actually use. 

You’ll notice that all the products on our list are riding mowers. That’s because they tend to be faster than the best electric lawn mowers or the best gas lawn mowers

Fastest lawn mower

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We've found the fastest lawn mower that's readily available to consumers. However, if our top pick isn't quite right for you, we've got four more options for you to consider as well. 

The fastest lawn mower

Beast 62ZBBM21 zero-turn riding mower on white background

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Beast 62ZBBM21

This is the fastest lawn mower you can buy


Max. speed: 12mph
Type: Zero-turn riding
Power type: Gas
Size of yard: 4 or more acres
Cutting Width: 62 inches
Horsepower: 25

Reasons to buy

Commercial-grade cutting
Super fast

Reasons to avoid

Not suitable for hills
Refueling is a little cumbersome
Reports of shipping issues

If you want a mower that’s a cut above the competition, look no further than the Beast 62ZBBM21. This impressive zero-turn mower brings commercial-grade cutting quality to your backyard.

What the users say

The Beast 62ZBBM21 scores an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars from 89 reviews on Home Depot, with 100% of users recommending this product. People rave about the cutting speeds, with one reviewer saying it cut their mowing time in half. There’s much praise for it being sturdy and well-built. A couple of reviews mention the shipping was not straightforward. One complains the gas cap is in an awkward position, though overall, people rate this product. 

Reaching top speeds of 12 mph, it will help you make short work of even the largest lawns. It owes its stellar performance to a 25-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, a brand with over 110 years of experience developing small engines.

Bear in mind that it does require a little more maintenance to keep this gas-powered model in tip-top condition compared to an electric equivalent. 

For a beast of a mower, it’s surprisingly nimble. It offers zero-turn capability, meaning you can easily navigate past obstacles like trees, although it’s not suitable for hilly terrain.

You get all these features for $5,299, which actually makes it one of the least expensive mowers on the list (you definitely have to pay a premium if you want a fast lawn mower). Plus, high-end touches such as halogen headlights enable you to use it during low light, ideal if you’re busy during the day. 

More of the fastest lawn mowers

What to look for in a fast lawn mower

Why having the fastest lawn mower possible is important

If you want results fast, a nippy mower can be a game changer. The fastest lawn mowers on our list accelerate up to 12 mph, minimizing time spent on yard maintenance. Cutting down on mowing frees up your time, whether you choose to relax in your pristine yard or channel that spare time into another activity.

What the expert says…

“Mowing the lawn can be an incredibly rewarding activity, but depending on the size of your lawn, it may also be a time-consuming one,” says Christina Swanson, Marketing Manager at Toro.

When it comes to speed, riding mowers outpace the competition. Even better, these mowers can transform cutting the lawn from a chore into a fun experience. Plus, there’s less physical exertion than with a push or even a self-propelled mower, so the machine does the hard work for you. 

You’ll likely need rapid speeds if you have a large yard covering several acres, especially in a rural setting. You can potentially shave hours off your mowing time. Some of the models on our list make short work of plots over 4 acres.

Another scenario where a fast lawn mower comes into its own is if you’re pressed for time. It can help you finish up quickly so you can pay attention to the next item on your to-do list. 

But speed is not just about how fast you get the job done. Look out for other features that can make a difference. “Homeowners looking to get the job done quickly may consider a wider mowing deck,” recommends Christina Swanson, Marketing Manager at Toro. You can cover more ground with a wide deck, meaning you need fewer passes to cut the same space.

Headshot of Christina Swanson, marketing manager at Toro
Christina Swanson

Christina Swanson is a marketing manager with Toro, where she is responsible for walk–behind lawn mower business. This makes her the perfect source of expertise on why fast lawn mowers can be essential for some. 

What are the downsides to having a fast lawn mower?

When choosing one of the best lawn mowers, speed isn’t everything. There are other considerations to factor in, like power type, performance, noise level, and price. You’ll need to weigh up what’s most important to you.

You can typically expect to pay more for the luxury of cutting down on yard maintenance time. The fastest models tend to be riding mowers, which are much more expensive than push models. 

The other downside to riding mowers is that they are typically noisier than their counterparts. While you may not have to worry about disturbing the neighbors in a rural area, you may want to consider earplugs to protect your hearing.

Another factor to consider is the storage space. These powerful machines tend to be bigger and bulkier than other models. Check the dimensions and consider where you would keep the mower when not in use. If you choose a gas model, you may need to complete maintenance work to keep it in tip-top condition out of season.

Faster isn’t always better. If you increase the speed too much, you can compromise the cutting quality. This is particularly true with tough terrain, when you may need to ease off the pace to achieve the quality of cut you desire. A slower pace may be necessary for wet, heavy grass, or at the other end of the spectrum, thin spindly grass. 

The other issue is steering. If you are on a plot with obstacles like trees, you may need to slow down to avoid collisions. It’s worth noting that most mowers come with safety features for peace of mind.

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