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Frigidaire FGHD2368TF Review

The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF has the smallest total capacity of any French door refrigerator we reviewed – just under 22 cubic feet.

Our Verdict

This fridge has the smallest capacity of the models we reviewed, but its space is well distributed and organized. This makes it a good choice for people who want to keep costs down and minimize their environmental impact.


  • The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF costs less to run and uses less energy than other models we reviewed.


  • The sealed system and compressor aren’t covered by extended warranties.
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The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF has the smallest total capacity of any French door refrigerator we reviewed – just under 22 cubic feet. It is also one of the most energy efficient fridges we considered, with Energy Star certification and an annual operation cost of around $3.64 per cubic foot, or a total of $79 per year. It only uses about 660 kilowatts of electricity per year, which is less than any other model we reviewed. However, if you know you need more room, check out the Kenmore Elite 74033.

Despite its relatively small capacity, the Gallery FGHD2368TF makes good use of the room it has. For example, its five shelves are adjustable, and some can fold up or slide back to create more room for tall items. The shelves are also spillproof – they catch and contain spills so food doesn’t run down to other shelves or onto the floor.

There are three temperature-controlled drawers, including two crisper bins for fruits and vegetables, and you can arrange them a variety of ways. The full-length drawer is perfect for storing meats or large items such as party platters. All the drawers are made of clear plastic, so you can see what is inside them without opening them.

In addition to its shelves and drawers, this French door fridge has six bins in the doors, including a dairy compartment. Two of these bins are gallon-size to accommodate milk and other large jugs. The water and ice dispenser cuts into the left door's storage space, but the ice bin holds an impressive 4 pounds of ice.

One reason the Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF is one of the best French door refrigerators is the size of its freezer section. The freezer has 6.8 cubic feet of space, so it’s comparable in size to many of the freezers we reviewed. It’s divided into two tiers and has durable storage bins made of wire and plastic. The lower bin is separated into two sections, and the upper bin is large enough to hold a second ice bin if the one in the dispenser isn’t large enough.

The Gallery FGHD2368TF includes the standard one-year parts and labor warranty. Unlike most other French door refrigerators we reviewed, Frigidaire doesn’t include an extended warranty on the compressor or sealed system. This could be a big risk for such a big-ticket item.

You can access video tutorials and the fridge’s user manual on the Frigidaire website. In addition, you can speak directly with a live agent via online chat or telephone. Email support is available as well.

The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF has the smallest capacity of the fridges we reviewed, but it makes good use of the space it has. For example, you can adjust and rearrange the shelves and refrigerator bins to accommodate your groceries. The freezer is also relatively spacious given the appliance’s overall capacity, with enough room for a second ice bin. While it is a little smaller than the other top-rated French door refrigerators we evaluated, this helps make it very energy efficient.