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The GE PYE22PMKES is one of the least expensive French door refrigerators to operate, costing about $80 a year. It’s also an energy efficient, Energy Star-compliant fridge.

Our Verdict

The GE PYE22PMKES is economically priced and has relatively low operating costs. It has some nice features that make it a good fit for coffee drinkers and people who want to match their fridge to their décor, among others.


  • This GE fridge includes Wi-Fi controls and a coffee maker.


  • It doesn’t have an extended compressor warranty.
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The GE PYE22PMKES is one of the least expensive French door refrigerators to operate, costing about $80 a year. It’s also an energy efficient, Energy Star-compliant fridge. That said, it is also one of the smaller fridges we reviewed, so its efficiency isn’t quite as impressive as that of larger capacity fridges like the Kenmore Elite 74033 – it costs more to run per year, but when you break the numbers down to cost per cubic foot, the GE costs more. The Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2368TF costs even less to operate each year than the GE but not by much.

This GE French door fridge has a sleek exterior that comes in stainless steel, slate, black slate or black stainless steel finishes. All the finishes are smudgeproof to keep fingerprints at bay. The PYE22PMKES has 22.3 cubic feet of storage space in the main refrigerated section. Inside, there are five adjustable, spillproof shelves as well as three bins. In addition, it has six side bins in the doors, including three gallon-size bins to hold bulky containers.

The dairy compartment is covered to keep foods like butter from absorbing the odors of other, strong-smelling foods. Also a dropdown tray extends the dairy compartment so it can fit additional items such as egg cartons.

The freezer compartment is divided into two tiers, and each is split with bins to help you keep food organized. The drawers are made of durable plastic and can store a combined 7.2 cubic feet of food.

GE includes two unique features that make the PYE22PMKES one of the best French door refrigerators. The first is Wi-Fi – you can sync the fridge’s touch controls with a mobile app. The app lets you set the temperature, stop or pause dispensing ice, and lock the controls so children don’t accidentally change settings.

Another of the PYE22PMKES’s fun features is its Keurig coffee maker and dispenser. It’s part of the water dispenser, and you can control it with the refrigerator panel or the mobile app. When programed to do so, the coffee maker heats up water and dispenses coffee, which cuts back on the number of appliances you need. The coffee, water and ice dispenser accommodates large containers like pitchers and tall glasses. You can also control the temperature of the water and coffee the fridge dispenses. However, these extra dispensing features take away from the size of the ice bin – it only holds about a pound of ice.

GE includes a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. The water filter only has a 30-day warranty, but there is a five-year extended warranty on the fridge’s sealed system, which includes the parts that keep the refrigerator cold. Some of the fridges we reviewed have 10-year compressor warranties, but not the PYE22PMKES. Unlike higher-ranked French door refrigerators, this one doesn’t have many support options. However, you can contact GE by telephone. There are also user guides on GE’s website.

The GE PYE22PMKES has a sleek design and a few unique features, including Wi-Fi and a Keurig coffee maker. The freezer and refrigerator have plenty of storage space and compartments to help you keep your food organized. GE doesn’t offer as many support options as other manufacturers, but you can contact the company by telephone.