Frigidaire FGSC2335TF refrigerator review

The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is a counter-depth side-by-side refrigerator, which excels at keeping your foods perfectly cool.

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF refrigerator review
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The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is sure to fit into your kitchen with ease, exactly the right size to blend in with countertops at a reasonable price. There’s plenty of room in this refrigerator for beverages too, with a wine rack and extra drinks shelves, as well as a built-in ice and water dispenser.


  • +

    Chill drawer uses cold air from the freezer

  • +

    Built-in air filtration system


  • -

    Limited one year warranty

  • -

    No in-door features

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The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is a mid-range side-by-side refrigerator, which will sit flush with the rest of your countertop appliances, making it a great choice if you need an integrated model to fit with the rest of your kitchen. It also has plenty of features in order to help you stay organized, even if you have to compromise some capacity. 

Striking a good balance between sufficient refrigerator and freezer space is an essential feature of the best side-by-side refrigerators, and this Frigidaire model is great for taking care of your frozen goods too. There’s also air and water filters built into the top shelf of this refrigerator, which creates an ultra-clean environment for your food, as well as a supply of crisp water from the built-in dispenser.

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF Essential Info

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF

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1. Prices start from around $1699
2. Capacity of 22.1 cu.ft
3. 2 freezer shelves 
4. 1-year warranty  
5. Available in two colors (Silver and black)
6. Additional water kit needed 
7. Built-in deli drawer
8. Ice and water dispenser 
9. Fingerprint resistant exterior 
10. Water and air filters inside

This refrigerator is also a good pick if you’re looking for a new kitchen appliance for a busy family home, as its stainless steel exterior is fingerprint resistant, which means it won’t need to be constantly wiped down. What’s more, its shallow design makes snacks and drinks more accessible when the door is open, which saves time rustling around inside. You can pick from either the silver stainless steel model or the black, and add a stylish finish to your kitchen.  

An area that the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is less impressive in is its warranty. With only a one-year limited guarantee, it lacks the dependability of other models with many years of cover. This is something to bear in mind if you need more peace of mind when it comes to your essential kitchen appliances. 

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF: How big is it?

  •  Height: 69.875 inches
  •  Depth: 28.5 inches
  •  Width: 36 inches

With 22.1 cubic feet capacity, the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is on the smaller side when it comes to side-by-side refrigerators, with some competing models ranging up to 29 cu.ft. If you don’t mind compromising on capacity, the upside of this is that this model is the ideal counter depth to match up with the rest of your kitchen, giving you an unobstructed, flush kitchen layout. So if you’re short on space, this model might suit your living space and can save you four inches of floor space.

The space shared between the refrigerator and the freezer sections of this appliance is 14.2 cu.ft and 8 cu.ft respectively, giving a good balance between the products that can fit in. Within the freezer compartment, there are two shelves, with an additional third shelf in the refrigerator for your chilled goods. 

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF: How easy is it to install?

This side-by-side refrigerator can be installed yourself, though there will most likely be options for a professional installation through your retailer. If you do decide to install it yourself, be sure to read the manual thoroughly and prepare the site for your new appliance. Before your installation begins you’ll need to purchase a water kit and ensure you have a suitable electrical outlet and water valve. The guide specifies that the spot you choose for your new refrigerator should be away from sunlight and on a level surface.

The manual also advises that the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is kept close to countertops so that accessing and removing food is easier. Also, be sure to factor in that the depth of the fridge with the door open at 90 degrees is 45 inches before installation in order to avoid any issues, as this model is non-returnable.

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF: What’s good about it?

The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is a reliable mid-range model which prioritizes both freshness and organization. The models’ chill drawer is a prime example of this, as it uses cold air from the freezer to keep a dedicated area of the fridge ultra-cold, and includes temperature control settings too. In order to keep fruit and vegetables as crisp as possible, there are also humidity-controlled crisper drawers, so you can have fresh salads at any time. The deli drawer can also take care of any sandwich meats and cheeses in a cooler environment.

On the organization front, there’s plenty of adjustments the user can make in order to maximize space, with Frigidaire claiming there are over 100 different ways to set up your shelves. The glass shelves within the refrigerator also help when it comes to storage, with an edge-to-edge view making it easier to find your foods. And if you’re mess-conscious, then there are also three ‘SpillSafe’ shelves that can make any messes a lot easier to clean up. The gallon bin doors on the side of the refrigerator lend plenty of space to household essentials, as well a space for cans and cartons. 

In terms of usability, the FGSC2335TF has multi-level LED lighting, so you can see exactly what you need to grab, or exactly where you might need to give a quick clean. The built-in water dispenser is a bonus for a mid-range side-by-side refrigerator and is operated with convenient touch buttons. From the exterior panel, there are 11 buttons to operate with, including making changes to the two built-in filters. The machine's PureSource filter is designed to make the water from the fridge’s dispenser better tasting and cleaner, whilst the air filter on the fridge's top-level works to purify the inside of the appliance. 

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF refrigerator review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF: What’s not so good about it?

The average capacity of side-by-side refrigerators is between 20 and 29 cubic feet, meaning that a capacity of 22 cubic feet for the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF may be too small for some larger families. The Samsung RS27T5200SR has a capacity of over 27 cu.ft and might be worth considering if it’s paramount you get that extra room.

Given that it’s a mid-range model, it’s unsurprising that this model also doesn’t have any in-door features, such as the LG LSXS26366S, which allows users to grab snacks without even opening the door to the main section of the refrigerator. Features like this cost a premium, which wouldn't suit the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF's design as a more affordable model.

As well as snazzy features, this refrigerator is lacking when it comes to a dependable warranty, with only a one-year limited warranty available. Other side-by-side refrigerators max out when it comes to their warranty, with models like the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS coming with ten years of cover. And whilst this model meets the minimum Department of Energy requirements, it’s unfortunately not Energy Star certified. 

Frigidaire FGSC2335TF: User reviews

The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF currently has a 4.1-star rating on Home Depot, from 2,558 reviews.

Reviews from impressed customers included mentions of the whisper-quiet nature of the machine, as well as the convenience of the counter-depth size. One customer said “the shallower depth makes it pantry-style, with more visibility”, meaning they found it easier to retrieve their food. The same reviewer added that the water/ice dispenser produced the “best-tasting freshest water”. Another reviewer was a fan of the no smudge stainless steel exterior, which “is a breeze to keep shiny and clean”, as well as the shelves and drawers “just where you want them”.

Other reviewers found that there wasn’t enough space for their large household, with one family of four who found it difficult to squeeze everything into the allocated freezer shelves, and one customer saying they hadn’t quite worked out what they could store in the lower bin doors, which can “only hold juice boxes or really thin condiment bottles”. Another reviewer said that the bottom crisper draws “take some getting used to as they tilt”.

Should you buy the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF?

The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is a great choice if you want the organizational and storage benefits of a side-by-side refrigerator, as well as a slimmer appliance that can blend in seamlessly with your cabinets. It has excellent easy to use controls for both the temperature and filters inside the fridge, as well as to access ice and water from the built-in dispenser. There’s also a lot to be said for the different drawers to hold various foods, including the chill and deli drawer. This is a stylish model available in two shades of stainless steel, both black, and silver, with a fingerprint-resistant exterior that prevents the need to regularly wipe the refrigerator down. 

Not sure if this is the one for you?

If you have a little more room in your kitchen, then a stand-alone side-by-side refrigerator with a little more capacity may be more suited to you, such as the GE Electronics GSS25GSHSS, which holds 25 cu.ft. And if you’re interested in the more high-tech features that side-by-side refrigerators have, then the LG LRSES2706V is truly the appliance of the future, with an InstaView panel. 

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