GE GSS25GSHSS side-by-side refrigerator review

The GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS is a great no-nonsense side-by-side refrigerator.

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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The GE GSS25GSHSS is a reliable side-by-side refrigerator at an affordable price.


  • +

    Energy Star certified

  • +

    Preserva dual temperature management keeps food fresh

  • +

    The best warranty we've seen

  • +

    Family-friendly design


  • -

    Expensive for a model without high-tech extras

  • -

    Not counter-depth

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The GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS covers all the bases we look for in the best side by side refrigerators and the best French door refrigerators. Featuring an ice-maker, sturdy spillproof shelving and adjustable door bins, this is a reliable refrigerator at an affordable price.  

Spillproof glass shelves feature raised edges to make sure mishaps are contained and easily cleaned, and these are easily adjustable with a slide-out function to help create space for bulky items. The shelves feature an integrated shelf support system to ensure your food is secure, combining adjustability and sturdiness. There’s also soft-close doors to prevent accidental slamming from disturbing bottles (or family members). 

GE GSS25GSHSS side-by-side refrigerator review: Features  

  • Convenient easy-access ice maker
  • Humidity drawer food fresh
  • Bulky interior

The GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS refrigerator has adjustable door bins meaning you can rearrange your layout to create space for larger bottles or containers. There’s also multi-level drawers designed to create the ideal temperature and environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. The middle drawer offers adjustable humidity, and there’s also a dairy compartment perfect for accessing cheese and butter easily, whilst keeping cheese smells separate from the rest of your fresh produce.

Like all of the side by side refrigerators we reviewed, the GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS refrigerator has an ice-maker and dispenses ice cubes, crushed ice and water. The arctica ice maker has an easy access door meaning you can access ice from within the freezer if this is more convenient than using the dispenser. This is particularly useful for large containers such as pitchers. What’s more, the dispenser display offers a child lock and door alarm, as well as letting you manually input your desired fridge and freezer temperatures.

As with many fridges, the LED lighting may be blocked by bulky items, living visibility for more hidden-away items. What’s more, some users have complained that for the refrigerator’s generous size there’s limited space inside the unit due to bulky interior. 


(Image credit: GE)

GE GSS25GSHSS side-by-side refrigerator review:  Size & dimensions  

  • 25.3 cu. ft. capacity: a mid-size model
  • Not counter-depth friendly

This is a 36-inch refrigerator in width and it stands at 70-inches. There’s a depth of 35 inches, and that’s including the three inches added by the handles on this model. It’s not a counter-depth model which means it won’t have the built-in look of smaller models such as the Samsung RH22H9010SG.

At 25.3cu. ft. this is a generously sized refrigerator, which would readily stock food for a family of four or more. With fresh food capacity of 16.07cu. ft. and 9.25cu. ft. of freezer room, the freezer-to-fridge ratio is more generous than most models. This capacity is split into 9.3 cu. ft. for the freezer, with 16 cu. ft. capacity for fresh food.

These dimensions are pretty standard for a side by side refrigerator, so it should fit comfortably in a standard kitchen. Always be sure to measure thoroughly though, as there’s nothing worse than taking your delivery of a 340lb fridge only to find it doesn’t quite fit! 

GE GSS25GSHSS side-by-side refrigerator review: Price

  • Average price 
  • Lacks high-tech features

The GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS refrigerator comes in at the average price you should expect to pay for a side by side refrigerator with 25.3 cu. ft. capacity. 

Other models might offer you some more modern touches or design features. For example, the LG LSXS26366S boasts a food showcase which gives you easy instant access to essentials such as milk. This is one of the more recent innovations in refrigerator technology, and this modern design comes with a high price to match. If you’re looking to cover all the standard features at a standard price, the GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS is a good choice and we think it’s pretty affordable. 

GE GSS25GSHSS side-by-side refrigerator review: Efficiency & warranty 

  • Ten year limited warranty on certain parts
  • Energy Star certified 

The GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS refrigerator comes with a one year warranty as standard which covers ‘any part of the refrigerator which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship’. If there’s any problem with your water filter in the first 30 days, GE Appliances will replace this for free. Not to worry if your filter fails outside of this warranty, they’re easily replaced and this should be done every six months anyway. It doesn't match up to the offerings of the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS, but GE Appliances also covers any part of the sealed refrigerating system (that’s the compressor, condenser and evaporator) which fails under a five year warranty, which is pretty nifty. 

In terms of efficiency, GE Appliances GSS25GSHSS refrigerator does not meet the energy efficiency specifications set by the government to qualify for Energy Star certification, meaning you might end up paying more in electricity than you would like.  

Should you buy the GE GSS25GSHSS?

KitchenAid is a high-end brand, and the KRSF705HPS is a high-end fridge with the price to match. Refrigerators are investments, and Energy Star certification and low running costs for such well-sized model might see you paying less for this refrigerator in the long-run. However, this side-by-side refrigerator could still use a few modern touches to help justify its price. 

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