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Get FREE TV with Sling every day between 5pm and midnight - that’s over 50 live channels for $0

Get FREE TV with Sling every day between 5pm and midnight - that’s over 50 live channels for $0
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Sling TV is now free between the hours of 5pm and midnight - so if you were running out of shows to watch on even the best TV streaming services like Netflix and Disney Pus, this is a deal for you!

Sling TV is now offering free TV to everyone for their Happy Hour. That's right, anyone can just sign up and enjoy over 50 channels streaming live and pay exactly $0. That's a fantastic deal if we've ever seen one!

That's not all. If you choose to subscribe to Sling to enjoy live TV at all hours of the day, then you can also get a fantastic deal on the price - now, get Sling Blue $10 off your first month, down to $20 from $30. With Sling Blue, you can also watch programming on three different screens, so your kids can watch shows in one room while you watch the news in another. 

Sling Blue is the service's lowest tier of service, starting at $30 per month. With 50 of the most popular TV channels, we think it's a great deal as is. But if you're looking for much, much more, you can add channels through another subscription tier. 

Sling TV: now free between 5pm and midnight
All you need to do is sign up for a Sling TV account and you're all set to enjoy over 50 channels streaming live for free during Happy Hour (between 5pm and midnight). 

What is Sling TV?

Want to watch your favorite show when it airs, or be part of the conversation about the latest cliffhanger the next day? Sling TV is the choice for you. Sign in on your Chromecast, AppleTV, or other devices and enjoy channels suitable for the whole family. From CNN to HGTV to Nick Jr., there's programming for all ages. Sling TV will let you enjoy them live, instead of having your wait hours, days, or even weeks to watch your favorite programs. There's little to lose with this deal - try it out for free while you're stuck at home, and then subscribe if you love what you see! You'll be staying both informed and entertained. If your kids are the ones who need to be distracted, check out our list of the best TV shows to keep kids entertained and educated during the quarantine. 

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