Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 review

The Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 delivers up to 90 minutes of run time and turbo mode, making this a stand-out electric lawn mower.

Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 Review
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With battery life to beat most other brands and a warranty life to match, the Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 really punches above its price point. A solid performance, enhanced turbo mode and ease of use features like self-propulsion and battery readouts on the handlebars make this a model to beat.


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    Dual battery

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    Long lasting

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    Turbo mode

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    Could self-propel faster

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The he Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 is a new model released in 2020, following the original in 2017. This new battery powered mower has enhanced features that refine this model to make it a really impressive offering, especially for the price.

This is a mower for larger yards with a dual battery system and an ability to keep going well over an hour. That's a lot more than a lot of the similarly sized and powered competition.

This mower is sold with a large 5Ah battery also comes with an impressive four year warranty which covers both the mower parts and the battery. Once again this is longer than a lot of the competition out there, even the big name brands – all while keeping the pricing very competitive.

Is this the best electric lawn mower for you? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 review: Design and build

  • 21-inch deck
  • Single point height adjustment
  • Solid steel frame

The he Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 is a reassuringly heavy mower thanks to a steel frame and a steel deck construction. That's likely why you get such a long warranty, since it's made to last. The weight is also a feature that allows a mower to power through variations in the terrain with momentum and leave a nice lined finish on the lawn.

The deck is an impressive 21-inches, which is one of the larger sizes available on battery powered mowers. As such it's built to mean fewer runs up and down the yard as it cuts right to the edges of the mower's width. 

The wheels are large, ruggedized and built for the grass. But, crucially, they're also made to handle the path to the lawn, eating up dirt and gravel paths easily.

The large and durable battery is top mounted making it easy to slide in and out. That also keeps it away from the wet, dirt and impacts the lower part of the mower is subject to. This is the easiest way to ensure power is cut off too, with the lack of safety key – just pop the battery up and you can carry out maintenance without worry.

Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 review: Features

  • Seven height adjustments
  • 55L collection bag
  • Self-propelled
  • Dual battery
  • Turbo mode

The Greenworks Pro 60V has lots of features that make it really easy to use and versatile to suit what you want. That includes seven cutting heights from 80mm down to 15mm. But also three cutting collection modes including grass collecting, side discharging and mulching. The bag itself collects an impressive 55L of grass and leaves.

This mower is self propelled meaning, despite being heavy, it can be pushed along easily by anyone. This is particularly useful for those that have lawns which have hills that could otherwise mean hard work.

The battery life is a great feature, which gets more mentions below, but it's the dual bay we're impressed with. Not a lot of battery mowers offer a dual battery bay but this does and that means you can invest in another and easily swap out as you go, making larger lawn cuts possible. Again, more on that in the performance section below.

The mower does fold down which means that it can be stored vertically in your garage including wall hanging, so you shouldn't have to worry about it taking up space.

Turbo mode is another nice feature which allows you to give a boost of power for areas of longer grass that might otherwise slow you down.

Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 review: Performance

  • Dual battery indicator works well
  • Turbo mode is great
  • Battery life is excellent

The he Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410 has a superb battery life, one of the best on the market, in fact. You'll get a good hour on a charge, maybe even 90 minutes, depending on the nature of the lawn and how much you use self-drive. The mower does adapt intelligently so it'll always be saving power where possible. Compared to the likes of the Ryobi 40V 21-inch Brushless Smart Trek and Snapper XD 82V Max StepSense its impressive.

If you don't want to be in power efficient mode, you can use the Turbo mode feature. This effectively overrides power saving and gives you all the power it can offer. This is great for thicker grass areas but it really chews through the battery so if you're doing the first cut of the season be ready to run low.

All that said, with two batteries you can just keep mowing. There's even a readout by the handles of which battery is being used and how much power is left. This is great if you have two as when one dies you can pop it on charge and continue using the other then swap the other back in later if needed to keep going a bit more. Unless your yard is a good acre, you're going to be good go.

The single point height adjustment works well, as does the easy handlebar height adjustment. the angled bar also helps as it keeps your wrists in a comfortable position. 

Should I buy the Greenworks 21-inch 60V MO60L410?

If you want a really long life battery mower that gives you the option to churn out more power then this Turbo mode toting model is ideal. The self-drive makes it easy while the weight offers a reassuring strength and that four year warranty is a great bonus.

This is a tough one to top but do keep in mind for the full battery life stated you'll need to buy the second battery separately. 

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