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Black & Decker Dustbuster HHV1320JR02 Review

The Black & Decker Dustbuster gives you an easy way to clean up small messes in odd places, including your car, RV or boat, and even quick jobs around your home.

Our Verdict

The Dustbuster is lightweight and quiet but still packs a powerful cleaning punch that will help with quick house-cleaning tasks and maintaining your automobile.


  • This is the quietest handheld vacuum cleaner we tested.


  • It has a shorter run time on a single charge than some competitors.
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The Black & Decker Dustbuster gives you an easy way to clean up small messes in odd places, including your car, RV or boat, and even quick jobs around your home. It scored the highest of the cordless models in our handheld vacuum reviews on cleaning up our test messes, handling them with ease. Its built-in crevice tool reaches into every last nook and cranny and makes it possible to clean efficiently, even around car seats and under furniture. 

We tested all of the small vacuum cleaners on sawdust on a variety of surfaces to see how they would likely handle leaves, breakfast cereal and other lightweight messes. None of the cordless models had quite as much suction as the corded, and that includes the Black & Decker Dustbuster, but it's still very strong, and the convenience of being cord-free is worth it in this case. The best handheld vacuum is both effective and cordless so that you get the biggest benefit of this type of unit – ease of use. This vacuum has the suction to clean up a variety of messes on a variety of surfaces, including the light, sawdust-style messes as well as heavier debris like kitty litter.

A few of the vacuum cleaners we tested, especially those with the exhaust vents positioned on the sides, would blow the sawdust on either side of our cleaning path and move the mess out of the way. The Dustbuster did not have that problem, because its exhaust comes out the back of the machine. That made it so it needed fewer passes to clean the same size of mess.

The Dustbuster did a good job of cleaning different surfaces, including carpeting, hardwood flooring and automobile upholstery. It struggled a little with the pet hair that we ground into carpeting, but so did most of its competitors, and it still scored better than average.

This is the quietest vacuum we tested, which is a welcome benefit for neighbors and housemates. You can clean up spills even if someone is napping nearby.

This is one of the lightest handheld vacuum cleaners you will find, so you can clean for a good long time without fatigue. There's only one competitor in our review that weighs less, and it doesn't have as much vacuuming power as the Dustbuster.

The Dustbuster's run time is a respectable 15 minutes. Though some handheld vacs can go longer on a single charge, the corded models cannot run cord-free for any length of time, obviously, and many of the other cordless vacuums could not make the 15-minute mark before needing to recharge.

This vacuum needs to charge for eight hours after you run down its battery. That is a little longer than some competing models need, but it is worth noting that they do not have as much suction as the Dustbuster, even when they are fully charged, so the little bit of extra time needed for a full charge is worth the wait.

Black & Decker's Dustbuster is as convenient in storage as it is when you are using it. It can charge while mounted to the wall so it is up and out of the way instead of using valuable counter space.

Most of the models we tested come with a brush tool for loosening dirt for removal and a crevice tool for getting into tight spots. The Dustbuster does too, but it makes it even more convenient by integrating those tools. The crevice tool can be pulled out of the main cleaning nozzle and snapped into place, and the brush tool folds and snaps into place as well. This means you never have to go looking for the attachments and do not even have to stop vacuuming to use them.

Black & Decker offers a two-year warranty on the Dustbuster, which is above average. Its website is generally great, but it is hard to find the online version of the manual, and it takes a click or two to find the contact number that you may need if you have questions. Many of the questions you may have are answered on the main product page, though, which is well-organized and informative.

The Black & Decker Dustbuster is just what a handheld vacuum cleaner should be – lightweight, compact and effective at cleaning. It takes convenience one step further than its competitors do in many ways. It is compact and also stores in a space-saving way. It has the same tools that most hand vacuums do, even integrating them so they are never lost. Most handheld vacuums are quieter than full-sized machines, but the Dustbuster is the quietest. This unit has the combination of features that makes a handheld vacuum cleaner worth owning.