Dirt Devil QuickFlip BD30025B review

Portable and lightweight for picking up sawdust on hardwood and carpet

Dirt Devil QuickFlip BD30025B
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The lightweight Dirt Devil Quick Flip is ultraportable and handy in many ways, but it is a little short on battery life and suction power when compared to other models.


  • +

    Performed well in our hardwood and carpet sawdust tests

  • +

    Generous warranty

  • +

    Lightweight and cordless


  • -

    Not powerful enough for some tests

  • -

    Short battery life and small tank

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The Dirt Devil Quick Flip is compact, portable, and lightweight – all things you want in the best handheld vacuum. Unfortunately, it lacks some things we wish it had, such as long battery life, a large tank, and powerful suction. In our testing, the small tank on this vacuum filled up fast and would lose suction as a result. Fortunately, it is easy to empty. You simply detach it from the nose of the device and empty it out, but for anything but small jobs, we had to empty it at least once during testing. The suction before the tank gets full isn’t great to begin with, but it performed fairly well on certain tasks.

Dirt Devil QuickFlip BD30025B: Performance

In the tests where we vacuumed up sawdust on hardwood and carpet, this product did a good job, requiring fewer passes than many vacuums in the lineup. However, it performed far less effectively in our pet hair and car seat tests. In the car test, we measured how well this hand vacuum picked up sawdust on the surface and crevices of a standard car seat. It required way more passes than average and didn’t do a great job of picking up debris in the crevices. This vacuum has even less suction with the crevice tool on. In the car seat tests, in fact, this vacuum performed among the worst.

Dirt Devil QuickFlip review

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The pet hair test involved vacuuming up pet hair on the same carpet as the sawdust tests. A few of the vacuums in our lineup struggled with pet hair, and this vacuum was in the middle of the pack. We were able to finally get the pet hair vacuumed up, but it took extra work. These devices are often used for vacuuming hard-to-reach areas like stairs, cars, and furniture, where pet fur can be a problem. This device would do a decent job on stairs, but for other tasks, it would be less effective.

To test the raw suction power of these vacuums, we performed a test where we used the vacuum’s suction to pick up a box of nuts and bolts. The vacuums with powerful suction could pick up the box when it was mostly full, but for this vacuum, we had to empty out most of the hardware before it could pick up the box. We couldn’t get a firm grip with the nozzle like we could with the best handheld vacuums until we made the box lighter.

This vacuum offers the convenience of a lightweight design and a rechargeable battery instead of a power cord. This means you can take it anywhere, like on camping trips, and don’t need to have an outlet nearby until it needs to be charged. However, the battery run time wasn’t great. It takes six hours to charge, and the battery only lasts 13 minutes. So, while you can take it with you on the road, you’ll have to find a way to continually recharge the battery, which could get annoying. The Black & Decker Dustbuster lasts a little longer. 

This portable vacuum comes with a generous three-year warranty. While there is no FAQs section on the website to answer common questions about this vacuum, you can reach customer service in a variety of ways – email, phone, or chat.

Should you buy the Dirt Devil QuickFlip?

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip is a lightweight, portable hand vacuum cleaner. While it did a pretty good job of vacuuming up sawdust on hardwood and carpet, it was far less effective at cleaning up pet hair and getting into the crevices of a car seat. Generally, the suction left something to be desired. It takes six hours to charge the battery and only stays charged for 13 minutes, which makes it less portable. While this vacuum would do a good job of cleaning stairs, it might struggle with some of the tasks many people need a handheld vacuum to perform, like picking up pet hair.

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