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Hoover Air Cordless BH52160PC Review

The Hoover Air Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is a small, lightweight powerhouse that will make cleaning upholstery, the inside of your car, tight spots on stairs and other difficult-to-reach spots a breeze.

Our Verdict

The Hoover Air Cordless weighs little, cleans well, is quiet and comes with a wall-mounted charger, so you get a great deal of convenience along with its strong cleaning power.


  • You get HEPA filtration with this device and its two reusable and washable filters.


  • It does not come with an attachable hose.
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The Hoover Air Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is a small, lightweight powerhouse that will make cleaning upholstery, the inside of your car, tight spots on stairs and other difficult-to-reach spots a breeze. This small vacuum cleaner can even be used on hard floors with good results, and it works nicely at picking up hair so pet owners can keep a clean and tidy home. With its long running time, good cleaning abilities and useful tools, this portable device earns a spot among the best.

Our testing showed this handheld vacuum got excellent marks for cleaning carpeting and hardwood floors. It also scored above average when tested on picking up pet hair from carpeting and sawdust from a car seat. Its suction power is reasonably good, although some of the other vacuums we reviewed outshone it by quite a bit. In our tests, this vacuum could lift a flat-topped container of metal screws weighing 3.6 ounces.

It’s not especially noisy, either. This handheld vacuum weighed in at 83 decibels during operation, which is well below the average decibel level for the vacuums in our comparison.

This vacuum weighs a mere 2.9 pounds, which means it’s easy for anyone, even a youngster, to operate and carry from one spot in the house to another. With a lithium battery that can keep it running for 24 uninterrupted minutes, this handheld vacuum can keep cleaning longer than any of the other products we tested. You can get plenty of detailed housework done in 24 minutes. It takes eight hours to charge, which is not unusual for these kinds of vacuums.

This bagless vacuum is easy to clean and comes with two reusable filters, so you can rinse one clean and let it dry while the other is in the machine.

You get one especially welcome feature with this vacuum – HEPA filtration. This means the device meets standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy and must clear 99.96 percent of particles. HEPA filtration (high-efficiency particulate air) is particularly good if anyone in your household has allergies or asthma since this kind of air filtration will trap such things as pollen, dust mites, pet dander and other air particles that can make life miserable for many people. The last thing you want is a cleaning machine that tidies up dust and pet hair but pollutes the air so your loved ones are left congested, runny-eyed and sneezing. Only one other vacuum we reviewed could lay claim to having HEPA filtration.

When you’re done cleaning, you can place this device's battery into its handy mountable wall charger and it will not only be out of the way, but getting charged to operate. In addition, the Air Cordless comes with a crevice tool so those crumb-filled creases in the car upholstery can be thoroughly cleaned, as well as a brush tool that can take on many cleaning tasks and a wide-mouth attachment that makes the suction area bigger so you can clean a spot on the rug or sofa with fewer passes. Unfortunately, you do not get an attachable hose with this vacuum, which would be nice since you wouldn’t need to carry the vacuum around quite so much.

This small vacuum cleaner is supported by a two-year warranty, which is standard in the industry. If you have problems with it, you have some great customer support. You can contact the company by email, phone or live chat, which always yields quick answers. In addition, there is a FAQs section on the company’s website.

This handy little vacuum can do a considerable amount of cleaning in the 24 minutes that it runs. It comes with the necessary tools to clean tight spots, gives you HEPA filtration and two washable filters, and cleans very efficiently. The Hoover Air Cordless is a great choice for keeping your car and home nice and clean.