Pros / It has a good pause feature for saving water and maintaining temperature.

Cons / There isn’t much distinction or variety between the settings.

 Verdict / Though a bit unremarkable, the Delta 75700 is a perfectly good, budget hand shower that can deliver a satisfactory shower.

The Delta 7-spray shower head does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It comes with everything you need to install it and start showering. It is available in both standard 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) and WaterSense certified 2.0 gpm flow rates. It has the most settings of any shower head we tested, including a good water-saving function, a rain setting and a massage setting. It is a perfectly good shower head, and it’s less expensive than many other options we tested. When we compared it side-by-side to other handheld shower heads, however, it failed to stand out. Testers commented, “It does its job,” and, “It looks like everyone’s shower head.”

None of this is bad, of course. The Delta 75700 will give you a good shower – it just wasn’t the best we tried. Setup was easy, with adequate installation instructions and parts. We also find it worth noting that this shower head was packaged in crimped plastic, which is everyone’s least favorite thing to deal with. The hose included with the shower head is not the greatest, and we would recommend replacing it with a flexible metal hose to save you a little frustration in the long run. We had a few issues with it catching and being difficult to maneuver.

As the name suggests, the Delta 7-spray hand shower has seven spray settings. You can choose from these to find your favorite or stick with its full body spray, which testers rated as above average. While this shower head does have seven spray settings, we found that the variation and differentiation between settings was not as dramatic as we’d like. The Speakman Rio and Waterpik shower heads both had fewer modes overall, but each setting felt intentional and distinct, whereas it felt like this shower head had seven settings just to have seven settings. There were two sprays that were visibly and tangibly identical. One tester also noted that even with seven settings, they felt like a good combination setting was missing.

The Delta 7-Spray shower head is available in the standard 2.5 gpm and WaterSense 2.0 gpm flow rates, depending on your preferences and local regulations. You can choose either chrome or white finishes. It isn’t the prettiest device, and it doesn’t appear especially high-end. It’s a practical handheld shower head that is a good budget option, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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