Pros / Its two main sprays are nicely gentle and have good coverage.

Cons / You have to buy a hose and mount separately.

 Verdict / The Flipside 02 is good for a gentle shower, but its head-turning design is more novel than it is practical.

The Kohler Flipside 02 is one of the most interesting handheld shower heads we came across in our testing. You can turn its spray face, and each side (front, back and two edges) features a different spray mode. It’s a novel idea, but it turns out to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. We much preferred products that switch spray modes with a traditional lever on the handset. We ended up spraying a lot of things we did not intend to get wet. Of course, you would probably get used to its mechanism and not spray yourself in the face with the jet setting every time, but the possibility of that happening is much higher than it is with other hand showers. Overall, the Flipside is less user-friendly than other products like the Moen Engage.

One major issue we had with this product is that it only comes with the shower head itself. This may be fine if you already have a handheld shower head and the accompanying accessories, but it should be factored in as additional expense if you don’t. Either way, it’s simple enough to install. The shower head is on the larger side, and we feel like it is best suited to situations where you want to use it mostly as a fixed showerhead. It is not the most comfortable thing to hold, though testers noted that its unique shape does make it a great fake microphone if you want to sing in the shower.

Two of the Flipside’s four settings are great for showering. Kohler gave them trademarked names that all begin with the letter K, but they’re the normal shower and rain shower settings. These have great coverage and gentle pressure, and they are generally very soothing and relaxing. The two edge sprays are a little odd. One is meant to be the massage spray, but it comes out in a blast sheet of water that makes a slapping sound as it hits your body. It would be a great spray for cleaning but isn’t an enjoyable massage, so if that’s an important feature for you, we’d recommend looking at the Waterpik Twin Turbo instead. We thought the other edge setting felt velvety. It also came out in a sheet but felt softer and a little bubbly. It would be good for washing pets or other applications requiring delicacy. It does not have a pause or water-saving function.

The Kohler Flipside 02 is available in three finishes – chrome, polished nickel and brushed nickel – and both standard 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) and WaterSense 2.0 gpm flow rates. Kohler offers a limited lifetime warranty on its showerheads, and you can reach customer support via email or phone.

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