Pros / It puts out a powerful spray, making its multiple massage settings particularly effective.

Cons / The included hose is made of rubber and can be unwieldy and inconvenient.

 Verdict / The Waterpik Twin Turbo is an excellent value with its six unique spray settings, including a few powerful massage and blast modes.

The Waterpik PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo is easily the best handheld shower head if you’re looking for a killer massage setting. On top of that, its price makes it a great value among other products that cost more and give you fewer settings and lackluster pressure. It was a user favorite for its six unique settings that all put out great water pressure and drenching power.

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This hand shower performed extremely well in our tests and was one of the testers’ favorites. It provided wonderful water pressure, thanks to Waterpik’s OptiFLOW technology, which optimizes the force of the water leaving the shower head, even in showers that have generally lower water pressure. This feature improves the overall shower experience but particularly shines in the multiple massage settings, where you really want to feel the water pressure.

The shower head is designed so that its spray hits you shoulder to shoulder, so you don’t have to sacrifice coverage for power. If you like gentle showers, however, you should look elsewhere. Though it does have full body and mist settings, they are not as satisfying as the full body and rain settings available in other products like the Speakman Rio or Moen Engage. This is definitely a shower head for people who primarily use intense, blasting sprays.

Settings & Design

You can tell from the arrangements of jets across the shower head’s face that the Twin Turbo has a lot going on. Its anti-clog nozzles deliver six spray modes: advanced mist, full body, PowerSpray, twin massage, twin massage + PowerSpray, and water-saving mist. One setting worth noting is its twin massage, which uses two jets of water to pinpoint a single spot, creating a wonderfully hard-hitting focus for a great massage. We also liked that it offers a water-saving setting.

The Twin Turbo comes with everything you need to quickly install and start using your new shower head, including the head, a bracket and a faux chrome hose. Though the instructions might seem a little confusing, the installation is quite a straightforward process. We recommend you replace the hose with a flexible metal hose, as we found the included one to be unwieldy and inconvenient. It is just wide enough to make it difficult to get the shower head in and out of its bracket.

You can purchase this Waterpik shower head in a chrome finish in either standard 2.5 gpm or WaterSense 2.0 gpm flow rates. Our tests were based on the 2.5 gpm model.

Help & Support

Waterpik provides a limited lifetime warranty on their shower heads to protect your purchase against manufacturer defects. You can reach customer service for questions or assistance via phone or Waterpik’s product support webpage, which has a wealth of useful resources such as FAQs, a product manual library and lists of replacement parts.


The Waterpik PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo is an excellent value for a lot of power. It offers some of the best water pressure of any handheld shower we tested and was a user favorite for its unique variety of spray modes. If you want a shower head with the best massage, the Twin Turbo is the top tier of blasting settings.

Waterpik Twin Turbo DSL-653 Visit Site