Editor’s Note: Amerisleep has changed the name of the Liberty mattress to the AS3. The AS3 model features a different mattress cover material and cover design but the same internal foam.

Amerisleep is one of the few online mattress companies that provides different softness options, ranging from soft to firm. We tested the Amerisleep Liberty, and although the Liberty is a medium mattress, it is one of the softest we tried. It is constructed from a 3-inch layer of Bio-Pur foam (memory foam) that hugs your body and alleviates pressure points. Underneath the Bio-Pur foam is a 2-inch layer of transition foam for support and responsiveness. The base layer is 7 inches of support foam.

Amerisleep Liberty: My Sleep Experience

Due to some unforeseen scheduling issues, I didn’t take this mattress home for a sleep trial – instead I slept on this mattress over a weekend in our test lab. I’m not sure if that is dedication or plain sad, but that’s where I conducted the sleep test. The Amerisleep Liberty was by far the softest mattress in the comparison. The Leesa mattress is a better example of standard feeling medium-firm bed.  

I was initially worried about two things happening: I thought my back was going to be sore from sleeping on a plush mattress. I also thought the mattress was going to keep me hot due to how much I would sink into it. Neither happened. I can’t say I was ever too comfortable throughout the night, but at least it didn’t wreak havoc on my body. Side sleepers might feel more comfortable on the mattress than I did.

I am 5’9” and 160 pounds, and I immediately felt the effects of the body contouring when I lay down on this mattress. At one point in the night, I almost felt as though I was sleeping on a hill. I was lying on my stomach, but it felt like half of my body had sunk deeper into the bed than the other half, making me feel like I was sleeping on a slight slope. This was not my favorite mattress to sleep on.

The mattress is not responsive; when I press my hand down on the mattress firmly and remove it, my handprint stays imprinted for a handful of seconds before the foam fully expands back to normal. This is good for motion transfer – a restless partner won’t keep you awake rolling around in the middle of the night, but it might not be good for heavier people – the sinking feeling will only be more exaggerated.

In our test lab, we had two other reviewers who are taller and much heavier than I am (one is 5’10” and 230 pounds; the other is 6’3” and 320 pounds) lie on it, too. With them, the sink factor was exaggerated even more. Both expressed discomfort while lying on their backs, saying that it felt like their backside was sinking way too far into the mattress while the memory foam was pushing up on their lower back, making them both feel as though their backs were unnaturally arching.

The Amerisleep Liberty is 12 inches tall. Some of the mattresses we had shipped to our testing lab are only 8 inches tall and can make you feel like you’re sleeping low to the ground. The extra 4 inches makes a world of difference, not only in how it feels when you lie on it, but also how it looks sitting on a platform. The shorter mattresses we ordered tended to slide underneath the headboard.

Amerisleep Liberty: Delivery and Unboxing

It took five business days for the queen-size Amerisleep Liberty mattress to arrive in our Purch testing lab. The box that it arrived in weighed 90.2 pounds, but it had cut-in handles on the box that made it easier to maneuver. We recommend two people lift the box if you plan on carrying it a long distance or up a flight of stairs.

Upon opening the box, you’ll see the mattress rolled tightly in plastic. After you remove the first initial layer of plastic, you can hear the mattress start to expand. It sounds like air leaking from a tire. You’ll need a box cutter or scissors to cut through and remove the final layer of plastic. The mattress will fully expand in about two to three minutes.

Most mattresses have a “new” smell when they are unwrapped from the plastic. The smell can linger anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. The Amerisleep didn’t have much a smell when it was initially unwrapped. This is a good thing, especially if you dislike the smell of plastic or glue.

Amerisleep Liberty: Returns

When we reached out to Amerisleep via email to return the mattress, we received an automated response and waited a few days before we got to speak to a representative about the return. Once we spoke on the phone, it was a piece of cake. Amerisleep arranged to have another company pick the mattress up from our lab. Before the process was finalized, we had to remove the tags from the mattress, snap a photo and email the photo to Amerisleep before the company would finalize the return process. After the mattress was picked up, our money was returned in full.

Amerisleep offers a 100-day sleep trial and a 20-year warranty (10 full warranty, 10 prorated). This is one of the best warranties offered by any mattress company we reviewed.


Even though the mattress is listed as a medium feel, it feels much softer than others with a medium feel. I didn’t find the mattress to be comfortable, but I also sleep on my stomach most nights. However, if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress with an extra-plush feel, this is it. 

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