Editor’s Note: Brooklyn Bedding has changed the materials in its mattress from Talalay and Dunlop latex foam to TitanFlex, a proprietary poly foam blend that is very similar to the previous latex foam, but with a firmer feel. The information below is still pertinent, including the sleep trial, but keep in mind the materials have changed inside the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

The Brooklyn Bedding latex mattress doesn’t sink in or hug your body like a memory foam mattress does – it feels more like a spring mattress, such as Saatva, with the responsiveness and bouncy characteristics that it possesses. We ordered a medium firm mattress that is made of three layers of foam. The top layer is 2 inches of Talalay latex for immediate bounce and response. Below that is 2 inches of Dunlop foam – a slightly denser latex foam to provide support. And finally, there are 6 inches of base-level support foam.

Brooklyn Bedding: My Sleep Experience

I took the Brooklyn Bed mattress home for a week to give it a test run. My first impression of the mattress was the latex foam is much more rigid than a mattress with some kind of memory foam layer, but it didn’t feel stiff – it was still comfortable to lie on.

I never had any sort of “sinking-in” sensation with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. Not even a little bit. It felt as though it kept me at the surface of the mattress when I laid on it. That being said, it has considerable bounce to it, much like a spring mattress, even though it doesn’t have any springs inside of it.

As a 5’9" male that weighs roughly 160 pounds and sleeps on my stomach, I liked the support and firmness that the mattress provides. To test how much give the mattress has, I stood in the center and also sat on the edges to see how far I would sink. The center of the bed gave way 4.25 inches. The most give we saw was 6 inches and the least was 4, so the Brooklyn Bedding mattress sits on the firmer side of this spectrum. As for the edges, I didn’t feel as though the mattress was trying to roll me off the bed when I sat on the edge. It only sank 2.25 inches. In comparison, the most sinkage we saw was 4.5 inches and the least was 2.25 inches.

The best kinds of mattresses for stomach sleepers are firm mattresses and latex mattresses. Their support keeps the back from arching. In my experience, I felt my lower back was supported with the firm Brooklyn Bedding mattress. It kept me on the surface and kept my back from sinking in and being out of line.

It didn’t matter if I slept in the center of the bed or the edges, the latex foam within the mattress offered the same support. After two days of adjustment, which is typical, I slept soundly throughout the remaining five nights of the sleep test. It was a cool sleep, meaning the mattress felt breathable and I never felt overheated as I slept.

Something I have discovered throughout my mattress trials is that your body will need a short adjustment period. After going from a spring mattress to memory foam to spring again and to latex, I experienced some back aches, but only in the first two days on each mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding: Delivery & Unboxing

The queen-sized Brooklyn Bedding mattress took five days to arrive to our Purch Labs testing facility from the date we ordered it. It arrived in a box that was roughly 15 x 15 x 45, but the box did not have any handles. Boxes of other online mattresses we ordered had handles, and we found that small detail can really make a difference in moving the mattress around easily. The lack of handles makes it awkward for one person to carry, so we recommend two people carry it to its final destination, especially if there’s a staircase involved.

At 98.8 pounds, the box is a good 20 to 30 pounds heavier than most. We highly recommend getting the mattress to its destination before you unbox it. We unboxed the mattress in our lab, but later transported the mattress to my apartment, and it proved difficult. The extra weight is noticeable, especially if you’re carrying it up two flights of stairs, like we did.

Unboxing the Brooklyn Bedding mattress only took a matter of minutes. The mattress arrives tightly rolled inside the box. Once it is unrolled from the first layers of plastic, you start to hear the mattress expand. The final layer of plastic requires scissors or a box cutter to remove. As soon as you get the mattress out of the final layer of plastic, it is sleep ready, even though Brooklyn Bedding recommends you give the mattress 12 to 24 hours to fully expand.

After we unwrapped the mattress, there was a noticeable smell – perhaps plastic or factory glue. This smell was gone after 24 hours, so there isn’t any need to worry if that “new-mattress” smell is bothersome for you. It won’t linger.

The mattress is 10 inches high, so it sat low on the headboard and platform in our test lab – especially when compared to typical spring mattresses. You’ll want to look into some sort of platform to raise your mattress if you want it to sit taller.

Brooklyn Bedding: Returns

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-day trial period to test out its mattresses. We reached out to the company via email to return the mattress and received a reply asking our reason for the return. After a few back and forth emails, we had to make our own arrangements to return the mattress to a donation center. Most of the companies sent someone to pick up their mattresses, which was a nice convenience. Whether you have to deliver the mattress yourself depends on your location. After we donated the mattress, we scanned the receipt and sent it to the online mattress company. We received a full refund once Brooklyn Bedding obtained the receipt.

Brooklyn Bedding tried harder than other mattress companies to get us to keep the mattress. The fact that we had to make the arrangements with a donation center and had to take the mattress there ourselves was more of a hassle than we anticipated, but that also may be due to our location.


After seven days sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding mattress – discounting the first two “adjustment period” nights – I slept soundly and through the night. It certainly has a firmer feel than many of the other mattresses I tested, even though it is listed as medium firmness on the website. Latex mattresses are known for better lower back support, especially for stomach sleepers, and in my experience, this rang true. 

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