The Casper is characterized as a memory foam mattress, but it doesn’t necessarily have the soft, sink-in feeling generally associated with memory foam such as the Amerisleep mattress. It consists of four total layers of foam: a single 1.5-inch layer of poly foam, 1.5 inches of memory foam, another 1.5-inch layer of poly foam followed by 5 inches of base foam. The top two layers do two things: They provide a firmer feel to the top, and keep you cool while you sleep, eliminating the “hot sleep” sensation, which is a common complaint among memory foam mattress owners.

Casper: My Sleep Experience

We unboxed the mattress in our Purch Labs and moved it from our testing lab to my apartment after it was unboxed, but this wasn’t too much of a hassle. The mattress weighs 82.7 pounds and stays rigid and upright as two people carry it, making it fairly simple to move from one place to another.

For context – I am a 5’9” male who weighs about 160 pounds. I tend to sleep on my stomach and sometimes my back. I rarely fall asleep on my side. Because I generally fall asleep on my stomach, I tend to need a mattress with good support so I don’t wake up with a sore back.

I was a little surprised upon lying down on the mattress for the first time that it didn’t have more give or sink to it, considering it has a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam. I felt some contouring, but not as much as with other mattresses that have at least one memory foam layer. The 1.5 inches of poly foam above and below the memory foam layer make it less soft but more responsive than other memory foam mattresses. When I rolled around on the bed, I never felt sunk-in or stuck. The mattress would bounce back and reform as soon as I moved.

I slept on the mattress for five nights. I discovered throughout these sleep trials to disregard the first couple of nights of sleep to give my body time to adjust to each mattress. My lower back tends to be sore the first couple of nights on a new bed, but unfortunately, I never got used to the Casper mattress.

I can say that I didn’t sleep as soundly on this mattress as I did on others. It’s not quite rigid, but didn’t quite contour to my body, either. And I didn’t get enough lower back support. Every morning I woke up, I had lower back pain to some degree. Comfort is subjective, but I had a hard time sleeping throughout the night on the Casper.

When I sat on the edge of the bed I sank 2.25 inches, which means it didn’t feel as though the mattress was trying to roll me off the bed, nor did it feel like it was completely collapsing under me. The end of the bed recorded more sink – roughly 3 inches, which is about par for the course when compared to others.

We had another reviewer, who is much taller and weighs much more than me – 300-plus pounds – do the same battery of standing and sitting tests. Impressively, there was hardly any difference when he sat on the edges or the end of the bed compared to what I experienced, so we can conclude that the edge support from this online mattress is sturdy.

Casper: Delivery & Unboxing

We ordered a queen-sized Casper mattress, and it arrived in our corporate testing facility – Purch Labs – five business days after we ordered it. The roughly 15 x 15 x 45-inch box weighed 82.7 pounds, but since there were handles cut into the box, it wasn’t too difficult to maneuver around. Even though one person can slide it around, if you have to carry it up or down stairs, we recommend a two-person lift.

The whole unboxing process, from in the box to sleep ready, took about two to three minutes. After you unwrap the various layers of plastic, the mattress rolls out length-wise then unfolds perpendicularly and expands to full shape. Once out of the plastic, you’ll notice the mattress has a smell to it, almost like a new pair of sneakers. With the Casper, we noticed the smell for about a week before it finally wore off.

The overall look of the Casper is classy. The white top with grey sides is simple but clean looking. Most people will cover it with a mattress cover, but naked, it’s a good-looking mattress.

Since the queen-sized memory foam mattress is only 8 inches tall, it tends to sit a little lower on a bed frame compared to others. If you like to have your bed higher off the ground, consider getting a platform to place under the mattress to raise it up.

Casper: Returns

Casper offers a 100-day trial period for the mattress, which is standard among online mattress companies. If you decide to return your mattress during the trial period, Casper’s return process is one of the fastest and simplest.

We called Casper and received a confirmation email for the mattress return. A couple days later someone showed up to take the mattress, and we received a full refund shortly after that. There was really nothing to it – very simple and convenient.

If the mattress is defective beyond the 100-day trial period, Casper covers it with a 10-year warranty, which is the standard length for most mattress companies.


The Casper online mattress is a simple and great-looking mattress. It didn’t feel as contouring as a typical memory foam mattress, but it is by no means rigid; it has a medium-firm feel to it. As a stomach sleeper, I woke up every morning during my five-night sleep trial with some sort of lower-back soreness. The Casper wasn’t supportive enough for my needs.

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