The queen-sized bed from the online mattress company Ghostbed is a hybrid combination of memory foam and latex. The top foam layer is 1.5 inches of aerated latex foam for breathability and comfort. The second layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam that is used to provide compression and support. The final layer of the bed is 7.5 inches of support foam. With the GhostBed, you get the responsiveness of a latex mattress and the soft contour of a memory foam mattress.

GhostBed: My Sleep Experience

The initial feel of the GhostBed was firmer than I expected. It takes lying on it for a bit before you start to feel the contouring of the gel memory foam below the latex foam. At first I felt a little sink-in feeling and more responsiveness – what you’d expect from a latex mattress, such as Brooklyn Bedding. After a few minutes, though, the contouring really took effect. It definitely became less responsive the longer I lay on it but more contouring. After lying in a certain position for an extended period and moving from that position, I could see the imprint of my body in the mattress. Essentially it starts as a firmer mattress, and after a short period of time it becomes truer to the feel of a medium mattress.

One of the first things I noticed was the top of the polyester mattress cover is soft to the touch and slightly bubbly – it sort of feels like bubble wrap. You can feel the texture of the top when you run your hand across it, even with a fitted mattress sheet covering the bed. It’s a good thing – it is comfortable.

Without a fitted sheet, the top half of the mattress cover is all white, while the side walls are dark gray. In its bare form, without any bedding or sheets, it’s a great-looking mattress.

I really enjoyed sleeping on the GhostBed for a week at my apartment. The bed provides good support. I only had one day of adjustment before my body got used to the mattress. My lower back was a slightly sore after the first night and then it was smooth sailing from then on out.

Every time I got into bed, the initial firmness of the bed caught me by surprise. On a scale from 1-10, where the firmest bed is a 10, the GhostBed initially feels like a 7.5 or an 8, whereas other medium beds feel more like a 6 or 6.5. But after I lay on it for a couple of minutes, it didn’t feel as firm. It was comfortable, both on my stomach and back.

I was impressed with the edge support of the mattress. Lying on both my back and side, I never felt as though I was going to roll off the mattress – in fact, I felt quite the opposite. The gel memory foam felt as though it was trying to keep me on the bed instead of collapsing away from me. Same goes for when I sat on the edge of the bed. The bed never collapsed under me. It felt as though it was helping me get to a standing position.

Motion transfer isn’t an issue with the GhostBed. Your partner shifting around won’t keep you up at night sleeping on this mattress. In our lab, when my co-worker moved around the mattress while I was on the other side, I could not feel the movements. This dispels any concerns of a restless partner keeping you up at night.

As I sat on the edges and the end of the bed, my 5’9”, 160-pound frame caused the mattress to sink 3 inches. When my much larger co-worker, who is 6’3” and 300-plus pounds, sat on the mattress, he experienced only a quarter-inch more in sink than I did. That is impressive. The mattress is supportive, even if you are heavier.

The GhostBed mattress is 11 inches tall. It looked good when we placed it on our platform and against the headboard. I didn’t feel as though I was too close to the ground when I lay on it. Mattresses shorter than 10 inches didn’t look as good and felt like they slept too low to the ground.

Overall, I was really impressed with the mattress during my sleep trial. I thought it was comfortable and supportive.

GhostBed: Unboxing and Delivery

The GhostBed arrived at our Purch Labs testing facility four business days after order. This is among the quickest arrival times compared to other online mattress companies. The box that the bed arrived in weighed 89 pounds, which is average comparatively. The box didn’t have handles, which made it a little difficult to drag from one place to another. We recommend a team lift to move the box.

The mattress is tightly rolled in several layers of plastic. The mattress unrolls vertically then unfolds perpendicularly as you remove all the plastic. You’ll start to hear the mattress expand once you get down to the final layers of plastic. You’ll want to use a box cutter or scissors to remove the final layer from the mattress.

After we unboxed the mattress, there was a slight plastic smell coming from the bed, but it wasn’t nearly as strong as with some of the other beds after unboxing. The smell only lasted about 12 hours before it completely dissipated.

GhostBed: Returns

The GhostBed return was simple. We called the online mattress company and they arranged for another company to pick the mattress up from our office. The mattress was picked up on schedule, and a few days later we received our money back in full. No hassle.

Beyond the 101-day sleep trial, GhostBed offers one of the best warranties in the industry. While standard mattress warranties usually last up to 10 years, GhostBed offers a 20-year warranty.


GhostBed is an interesting mattress. It initially feels like a more rigid and firm latex mattress, but the longer you rest on it, the more of its memory foam characteristics start to show. This mattress has impressive support for many body weights and types. I was impressed with the mattress during my sleep trial. It is more on the firm side, but I found it to be overall comfortable and had many restful nights on it. 

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