Helix is one of the most unique online mattress companies that we reviewed. Instead of offering a universal-feel mattress to fit every sleeper’s needs or two to three different firmness levels, Helix tailors a mattress to each customer. Before you make an order, you take a short quiz to determine the type of mattress that best suits you. After you have completed the quiz, a mattress is customized for you.

The customization goes even further than that. If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, you can customize each side of the bed to fit each individual’s preference. The other option is to elect to have the mattress custom made to blend your preferences across the entire mattress to form a bed that both of you can enjoy regardless of what side you sleep on.

Building your own Helix mattress is a unique process, much like the build of the mattress itself. The top layer of the bed is a 2-inch layer of Helix dynamic foam. This is a proprietary foam that is designed to keep you cool and provide comfort. Beneath that are microcoils that provide responsiveness, spring and pressure relief. Below that is a 2-inch layer of poly foam that helps transition from the coils to the base foam. The base of the mattress is a 4-inch layer of micro foam. The Saatva mattress is the only other mattress that uses a blend of coils and foam. 

Helix: My Sleep Experience

Editor’s Note: Since each mattress is customized to fit an individual’s needs, the description of our mattress may not be what you experience with yours.

I slept on the queen-sized Helix mattress for a week. It is the firmest feeling mattress that I experienced to this point. The top layer is soft and cushioned, sort of like a memory foam mattress, but the overall feel is firm. It has much more bounce than a foam mattress, and the foam springs back quickly once you move, without leaving any imprint whatsoever. There is little sink and contour to it. I felt that I mostly stayed at the surface of the bed – I never felt as though I was sinking in.

The bed sleeps cool. The top layer of Helix dynamic foam kept me cool throughout the night, even though it is getting warmer as the summer months are creeping in.

I am 5’9” and weigh 160 pounds. I sleep on my back and stomach most nights. Going from a pillow-top spring mattress to a firm hybrid mattress took an adjustment period. I did wake up with some lower back stiffness the first couple of nights, but it went away after my body adjusted to the mattress. I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep any of the nights. Even though the bed was customized for me, it felt firmer than I was anticipating. Still, it was comfortable and supportive.

I didn’t care for how much the bed gave in when I sat up to get out of bed in the mornings. While it was supportive as I slept, there was a lot of give and sink when my weight was concentrated in one place. It felt as though the mattress was trying to roll me out of bed instead supporting me as I started my day.

We also did sink tests in our lab. When I stood in the center of the bed, I recorded 4 inches of sink under my 5’9”, 160-pound frame. This was the least amount of any bed that we tested. When my co-worker (6’3”, 300-plus pounds) stood in the center of the bed, we recorded 7 inches of sink. This difference in sink – 3 inches - was typical in our tests, and it shows that this bed can support a decent amount of weight.

I slept throughout the night during the entirety of the sleep trial. Regardless of the position I slept in, the mattress was comfortable. I personally prefer a mattress a hair less firm, but I had a great sleep experience throughout my trial with Helix.

Helix: Delivery & Unboxing

The Helix hybrid mattress showed up to our testing lab four business days after we ordered it. This is one of the fastest delivery processes we experienced. The mattress weighs 89.5 pounds, just a little more than average compared to other mattresses we ordered. The box does have two cut-in handles to make moving it around easier. We still recommend two people lift the box if you are planning on carrying it up or down stairs.

After we removed several layers of plastic from the mattress, we could hear it start to expand. The entire process – from removing it from box to unwrapping all of the plastic – only took a few minutes. The mattress is essentially sleep ready minutes after it is taken out of the plastic.

The Helix mattress did have a plastic smell to it when we initially unwrapped it, but that didn’t last beyond 24 hours.

The bed stands 10.4 inches tall. It looks good against a headboard and doesn’t feel as though you are laying too low when you are horizontal on the bed. The polyester mattress cover has a simple white top with blue side walls – a simple yet classic look

Helix: Returns

The return process was easy. When you call Helix, the company schedules someone to come and pick the mattress up for you (location permitting). After the mattress is picked up, you receive a full refund. It was a straightforward and simple process that only takes one phone call.

Helix provides you with 100 days to try out the customized bed. Beyond the trial period, Helix also covers its mattresses with a 10-year warranty.


The Helix mattress is fully customizable. Helix essentially lets you create the mattress you want, which is helpful if you’re hesitant about buying a one-type-fits-all mattress online. The best part about the customization is that you can create two different mattress types in one bed, you and your partner each get the best sleep possible. The Helix mattress made for me had a firm feel, but it was soft enough to be comfortable and had good support.

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