Nest Bedding offers a couple of different options for online mattresses. We chose the Love & Sleep mattress because it provides great value for a quality foam mattress. Love & Sleep is just under $600 and falls in the budget category with mattresses such as GhostBed and Tuft & Needle, where many other mattresses in the online market cost closer to $1,000.

The Love & Sleep bed from Nest Bedding is made from four different layers of material, including three different foam layers. The first is the phase change cooling cover. Not only does the cover have a great looking design, it is incredibly soft and breathable. The second layer is 3 inches of Energex foam. The Energex feels like memory foam but has more responsiveness to it. Below that is a 1-inch layer of air flow foam – foam that looks like egg cartons – for breathability. The base of the mattress is a 6-inch layer of dense foam.

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep: My Sleep Experience

This was one of the few mattresses I was unable to bring to my apartment due to scheduling conflicts. Instead, I slept on this mattress at our office over a weekend. That’s dedication – or something.

I slept comfortably on the mattress. It ever so slightly contours the body, has a slight bit of bounce, but it’s ultimately supportive. Just for reference, I’m a 5’9” male and weigh 160 pounds, and I sleep mostly on my stomach. The mattress slept cool and ultimately kept my back aligned during the night. I didn’t wake up any of the nights with any soreness.

I tend to roll all over the place in my sleep. I’ll lie on my side on the edges of the bed, but ultimately, I end up falling asleep on my stomach in the middle. I thought the Nest bed had good edge support. I never felt like I was going to roll out of bed or that the mattress was sloping upward or downward.

I recorded 2.75 inches of sink when I sat on the side edges of the bed. There were 2 inches of sink when I sat on the end of the bed. We recorded the same measurements for my heavier and taller co-worker. He is 6’3” and weighs 320 pounds. Even with the added height and weight, the mattress still provides the support to help you get from a sitting to standing position.

I liked the bare look of the mattress without any sheets on it. The cover has a wavy design that adds it bit of character to the bed. I also liked the height of the mattress on the platform. It stands at 10 inches tall. It’s not the tallest bed, but anything below 10 inches slept too low and didn’t fit well against the headboard. 

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep: Delivery and Unboxing

The mattress comes in a box without any handles. This makes it a little difficult to maneuver around, but the mattress in the box only weighs 70 pounds, the lightest of any mattress we reviewed. Some weigh over 100 pounds, so a 70-pound mattress is much easier to handle.

The Nest Bedding foam mattress only took four business days to arrive at our Purch testing lab from the date of order. This is one of the fastest delivery times that we experienced.

The mattress was wrapped in several layers of plastic, and once we got down to removing the final layers, we could start to hear it expand. There wasn’t much of a plastic smell at all after we unwrapped the Love & Sleep and was devoid of any smell a couple hours after unboxing. Many beds we unboxed had a powerful plastic smell that would last a few days to a week or more. The whole unboxing and unwrapping experience only took a few minutes, and the bed was fully expanded and sleep ready almost immediately.

Nest Bedding: Returns

We returned all the mattresses we reviewed to test out each company’s return policy. The Nest company had us take pictures of the mattress – the top, the corners and the tags all needed to be included in the pictures. After we sent the pictures for evaluation, the company emailed us a list of donation centers to choose from in our area. Due to our location, we had to physically take the mattress to a donation center to complete the return. After the donation was complete, we sent the receipt over to Nest to finalize the mattress return and received our money back in full – no hidden fees or any other hassle.

Nest bedding offers a 100-night trial for the Love and Sleep mattress. Beyond that, it is covered by a 10-year warranty, which is standard among mattress companies.


The Nest Bedding Love & Sleep mattress has the contouring feel of a memory foam mattress but the responsiveness of a latex mattress. It looks great without any sheets and sits high enough on a platform to look good with a headboard. The Love & Sleep mattress has good edge support whether you are 160 pounds or 300 pounds, and it’s a great value for a quality foam mattress.

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