The online mattress company Purple has made a name for itself with quirky ads, viral videos and a mattress that is made and feels unlike any other. Instead of being topped with any form of foam or pillow-top – like Saatva or Casper – the top layer of Purple is 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer – basically rubber – followed by 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam and 4 inches of base layer foam. The hyper-elastic polymer is responsive and adds support, comfort and a feel that is unlike any other mattress.

Purple Mattress: My Sleep Experience

I brought the Purple to my apartment to sleep on it for a week. We unboxed the mattress in our Purch Labs, and transferring the already fully expanded mattress to my apartment was, truthfully, a little bit of a nightmare. The mattress is heavy and floppy. It doesn’t stay upright when you stand it up, which makes for 115 pounds of dead weight. I highly recommend unboxing it directly on your platform bed so you don’t have to carry it anywhere.

The mattress feels unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I could feel the honeycombed design of the rubber material when I lay on it. It’s soft and responsive, but completely unique. The jury is still out on whether I like or dislike the feel of it. All I know is that during my entire sleep trial, I slept like a baby on the Purple mattress.

When I lay on my stomach to fall asleep, I could feel the elastic polymer sinking in a little bit in my chest area, but pressing back up against my stomach. Same thing goes when I lay on my back. I could feel the mattress sinking in around my upper back and shoulder areas, but the mattress felt as though it was rising and pressing up against my lower back area. It feels different from other mattresses, but the support it provides is fantastic. Throughout my sleep trials, I usually had a one- or two-day adjust period where my lower back would hurt in the morning. There was no such adjustment period for this mattress. I slept throughout the night, every night, and woke up feeling great with no back pain.

The hyper-elastic polymer is responsive and supportive, even if you are taller than 5’9” and weigh more than 160 pounds like myself. I had my co-worker lie down on the bed as well as sit on the edges and end to measure the amount of sink. He is a big guy – 6’3” and weighs over 300 pounds. We both recorded 2 inches of sink when we sat on the edges and end of the bed. There wasn’t any difference in the sinking on the edges, which is impressive. The mattress doesn’t try to keep you from getting up, in fact, the responsiveness of the top layer almost helps propel you out of bed in the morning.

When I stood in the center of the bed, I recorded 5 inches of sink, which is typical for the mattresses we tested, but when my taller, heavier co-worker stood in the center, there were 6.75 inches of sink. When we took these same measurements with other mattresses, we would usually see 3 more inches of sink between our two body types. The relatively small difference with the Purple tells us the mattress is going to support you regardless of size and weight.

The mattress is breathable when you sleep on it. It doesn’t trap body heat, and it kept me cool throughout the night, even though there is some sink to it like a memory foam mattress. I had a great sleep experience throughout my sleep trial.

Purple Mattress: Delivery & Unboxing

This mattress doesn’t come in a box. It comes in a big plastic purple bag with handles. You need two people to carry the mattress around, or one 6'3" and very strong co-worker.  The queen size weighs 115 pounds in the bag – not easy lifting and roughly 45 pounds heavier than the lightest mattress we ordered online. These mattresses are made to order, so it took longer than most to arrive to our Purch testing lab. It took 16 business days from the date we ordered it, whereas many others arrived within only five business days from the order date.

It proved a little difficult to get the mattress out of the bag it came in – more so than the mattresses that came in a box. The bag crinkled up when we tried to slide it out, and the overall weight of the mattress created some issues. Mattresses that ship in a box are simpler; you can use one hand to hold the box in place and slide the mattress out with the other. That wasn’t happening with the Purple and its bag. We had to stand the mattress on it’s rolled-up end then slide the bag off over the top of it. After we unwrapped the mattress from the numerous layers of plastic wrap, it unrolled and expanded to full size in about two minutes.

Most mattresses have a plastic smell – a “new” smell, if you will – after they are unwrapped. This one was no different. The plastic smell from Purple lingered for about two days before it completely dissipated. Most mattresses lose the smell in anywhere from 12 to 48 hours.

The Purple mattress is 9.5 inches tall, so it’s a few inches shy of most standard mattresses. Spring mattresses, for example, are anywhere from 12 to 14 inches tall when they rest on a platform. The height of the Purple Mattress makes it feel as though you are sleeping a bit low, and didn’t look as good as taller mattresses did sitting under the headboard in our test lab. If you want to sleep higher, you can buy an additional platform for the mattress to sit on.

Purple Mattress: Returns

We returned all the mattresses in our comparison to evaluate the return process. Purple offers a 100-day trial for its mattress. Beyond that, the mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty and the mattress cover is under warranty for two years.

The people at the Purple online mattress company were very nice and helpful on the phone. After we spoke on the phone we received a return verification email providing us with three options for our return: pick a charity for the return, manually take it to a recycler or let Purple pick the charity.

A couple days later a delivery company called us and set a pickup date. Once the company picked up the mattress, we had them sign a form that Purple provided us for the return. We scanned it back to Purple and our money was returned. It was free of hassle and we got all of our money back. It was a great return experience.


As both a back and stomach sleeper, I highly recommend Purple. I slept soundly during the entire week I had it at my apartment and woke up without any kind of back pain whatsoever. It is a nightmare to move around once it’s out of the bag, so you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you open it on the platform you sleep on. The polymer top layer is different from anything I’ve ever slept on, but the support was amazing.

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