The Saatva online mattress company delivers traditional spring mattresses to your home. These mattresses have a pillow-top layer followed by a layer of memory foam for lumbar support and pressure relief. Next are individually wrapped coils that contour to your body shape. A steel coil base support system consisting of high-profile coils and foam make up the bottom of the mattress. Saatva offers three levels of softness: plush, luxury firm and firm. We ordered the Luxury Firm model, and I slept on it for a week.

Saatva: My Sleep Experience

The Saatva Luxury Firm is a spring mattress with a cushioned pillow top. It gave me the “lying on a cloud” feeling when I first settled into it. The pillow top is soft to the touch and really comfortable.

It is much taller than the other mattresses we ordered, most of which measured from 8 to 12 inches tall. The Saatva Luxury Firm is 14.5 inches tall, but I like the added height. Plus, it looks better pressed up against headboard than other mattresses that aren’t as tall.

The mattress was supportive, especially for someone who sleeps on both their stomach and back, like me. The bed has considerable bounce and responsiveness to it. When I lay on my back, the bed sank around my upper shoulders and backside, and I could feel the soft cushioned pillow top press up against my lower back. It’s comfortable and feels plush, but it had ample support for my needs.

The mattress was extremely cushioned and supportive when I lay on my side. Even though I don’t fall asleep on my side, I noticed that I was considerably more comfortable when I lay down that way. My shoulders and hips felt supported and didn’t get fatigued from the pressure and weight of my body.

During my sleep trial, I didn’t wake up with any back pain. I felt the same way when I slept on the Purple mattress as well. My biggest complaint is the bed sleeps a bit hot. The pillow top cushion is made from cotton, and I felt as though it was trapping my body heat especially around my legs.

The bed equally supported me on the side as it did in the center. I fell asleep twice on the side of the bed, and I never felt as though I was going to roll off.

In our testing lab, when I sat on the side of the bed, it sank 2.5 inches – some of the least amount of sink among the mattresses we tested. Some mattresses would sink as much as 4 inches, which would make it most difficult to get out of bed. However, when my co-worker, a 320-pound male, sat on the edges of the bed, it sank 4 inches – far more than my 5’9”, 160-pound fame inflicted on the mattress. This is a bit disconcerting. With most mattresses we found only an extra inch of sinking between me and my co-worker, but 2 inches suggests that the heavier you are, the less supported you may feel.

A typical issue with spring mattresses is motion transfer. If two people lie in the bed and one moves around a lot, the other will feel it. This is something to consider if you have a partner who tends to toss and turn at night.

Saatva: Unboxing and Delivery

It took six business days for the Saatva to arrive at our Purch Labs. The mattress didn’t arrive rolled up in a box like the others; instead, it arrived in full form and sealed in a plastic bag. The delivery guy had a tough time bringing the mattress from his truck into our building, and we don’t recommend lifting the mattress by yourself.

The fact that it doesn’t come in a box takes away some of the convenience of ordering a mattress online. A box enables you to easily (for the most part) move the mattress to the bedroom without having to carry a long, rectangular, awkward and heavy mattress up stairs or around and through hallways. The queen-sized Luxury Firm Saatva mattress that we ordered weighed over 100 pounds, which is heavy compared to others. Moving it from one room to another and ultimately bringing it to my apartment for my sleep trial proved to be more difficult than it was for other lighter and more flexible mattresses.

Saatva: Returns

The Saatva online mattress company offers a 120-day home trial for its mattress. That’s 20 more days than most online mattress companies provide. The company covers the Saatva Luxury Firm mattress with a 15-year warranty, which is five more years than most online mattress companies we reviewed.

The return process was very simple. We called Saatva and were instructed on the mattress pickup details. Our money was refunded an hour after we had called to arrange the return, although the $99 delivery and setup fee was not returned. A couple of days later, two people came and picked the mattress up from our office. The return process was completely hassle free, even though we didn’t get our delivery fee returned.


The Saatva pillow top mattress is comfortable. I enjoyed my sleep and mostly slept through the night without any back pain in the morning. I consider this to be one of the most comfortable mattresses that I’ve slept on. I did tend to a get a little warm at night. The pillow top felt as though it retained some body heat, but it wasn’t unbearable by any means. I had a very good experience with the Saatva Luxury Firm spring mattress.

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