The Tuft & Needle online mattress company offers one of the best values for a bed. Where most queen-sized mattresses cost roughly $1,000, a queen-sized T&N mattress costs about $600. The value alone makes it an intriguing choice. 

The Tuft & Needle mattress is made of two layers of foam – 3 inches of polyurethane foam followed by 7 inches of base foam. The foam is contained within a rayon and polyester cover that is white and soft to the touch.

Tuft & Needle: My Sleep Experience

I brought the Tuft & Needle mattress home for a five-day test run. This mattress was a bit of an anomaly. It initially feels soft and cushioned, but after lying on it for a moment, the mattress begins to feel firm. 

I didn’t like the rigidness of the mattress. Even as a stomach sleeper – firm mattresses are usually a plus for stomach sleepers – I didn’t find it as comfortable as other mattresses. After lying on it for a while, I couldn’t even feel the soft top layer anymore. Instead, it felt like I was lying directly on the much stiffer second layer. I woke up every morning feeling somewhat stiff from the mattress – not necessarily in my lower back, but general muscle stiffness.

The edge isn’t as supportive as other beds. When I lay down on my back and side along the edge of the bed, I could feel the edge sinking in and a lack of support. I had the sensation that I was no longer lying completely flat and that I might roll off the bed eventually.

The mattress did keep me cool at night. At no point did I feel like it was retaining heat. It was breathable and kept me at a comfortable temperature.

As we performed sink tests in our office testing lab, we noticed an average amount of sink – 3 inches – when my 5’9”, 160-pound frame sat on the edges and on the side of the mattress. For comparison, the least amount we recorded with other mattresses was 2.25 inches, while the most was 4.5 inches. Tuft & Needle falls right in the middle. You definitely sink in, but the bed doesn’t make it difficult to get from a seated position to standing.

When my 6’4”, 300-pound co-worker sat on the bed, he mostly experienced the rigidness of the second layer. He sank 4 inches but complained the bed felt much firmer than what I initially experienced myself. That second layer is sturdy and not nearly as comfortable as the top layer. Someone who is heavier might experience a much different and even a firmer feeling from the mattress.

The bed is only 10 inches tall. It looks better on a platform and against a headboard than beds shorter than 10 inches. If you like sleeping on a surface that is higher off the ground, we recommend going with a bed that is at least 10 inches tall.

Tuft & Needle: Unboxing and Delivery

The Tuft & Needle foam mattress only took four business days to arrive in our Purch Lab. It was one of the quickest deliveries we experienced. This was one of the lightest mattresses we reviewed, weighing only 72 pounds. The box came with handles cut into it, which made it easier to move around than heavier boxes.

As we unboxed the mattress, we started to wonder if we were accidentally shipped a twin-sized mattress. It doesn’t unfold horizontally after it is unrolled from the first layers of plastic. Instead, it is smooshed together from side to side inside the final layer of plastic – completely compressed an accordion. When we cut open that last layer, the mattress expanded horizontally and came to full form. The whole unboxing process, including the mattress expanding to full form, only took about three minutes to complete.

The Tuft & Needle mattress had a very strong plastic smell when we unwrapped it. In fact, it was one of the strongest we experienced, and the smell took about a week to dissipate. Keep that in mind if you are sensitive to strong smells.

Tuft & Needle: Returns

Tuft & Needle’s return process is simple and straightforward. We called the company and they gave us a list of surrounding companies that could potentially come take the mattress from our lab, but due to our location, we had to take the mattress to a donation center. After we donated the mattress, we scanned the receipt and emailed it over to Tuft & Needle. After we received the receipt our money was returned in full.

Tuft & Needle provides a 100 day trial period to test the mattress at home. Beyond that, they offer a 10-year warranty on the mattress, which is standard as far as mattress warranties go.


The top layer of the Tuft & Needle initially feels soft, but it quickly gives way to the more rigid second layer of foam. Those who are on the heavier side – 250 pounds or more– might sink right past that top layer and feel only the more rigid and sturdy base foam layer. In my experience, it simply isn’t as comfortable as other mattresses. One of the best attributes of the bed is the price, but I perfer GhostBed for getting a comfortable mattress at a bargain. Tuft & Needle is just over half the cost of many other mattresses we ordered online, but that might cost you a lot in comfort.

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