Pros / IKEA’s furniture is the least expensive option of all services we reviewed.

Cons / The assembly instructions are often difficult to understand.

 Verdict / IKEA offers cheap, sturdy and unique European designed sofas that are good quality.

IKEA is a well-known online sofa outlet with retail stores located throughout the world. Most of the furniture can be seen and tested out in an IKEA store, then purchased later online after you’ve had a moment to think about your options.

This furniture store has over 250 different sofas listed on its United States website. Choices include sleeper sofas and sectionals in both fabric and leather. Its couch selection is very budget-friendly, but IKEA still provides enough upholstery options to match your sofa to your room and décor. You can purchase multiple slip covers for your couch and easily swap them to match different seasons, or when one cover has worn out. This is another reason why IKEA’s sofas are so easy on the budget. Available covers are listed in a dropdown menu on each sofa’s description page, and when you select an option, the image to the left changes to show you what the couch looks like in that color so you can see the final product.

On IKEA’s website, you can view reviews written by customers who have purchased and used the products. This can help you gauge how long the sofa lasts and its overall quality before you purchase it.

When you buy your sofa online, IKEA sends it to you in pieces along with illustrated instructions on how to put it together yourself. Because the company is headquartered in Europe and serves many countries, its instructions rely heavily on step-by-step pictures rather than text. While this is helpful in some ways, it’s often difficult to understand which pieces are highlighted and need to go together. It is also tricky to line up pieces, even though they have predrilled holes so your sofa sits straight after it’s assembled.

If the thought of spending time and energy putting together your IKEA sofa doesn’t appeal to you, the company offers an assembly service for an additional cost. When you opt for this service, the couch is assembled at a store, and you can pick it up or have it delivered to your home set up and ready to go. If you would prefer to order a couch that comes assembled, check out the options from Crate & Barrel.


IKEA is a good option if you want to buy a sofa online on a budget and you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort. Its couch covers can be bought separately, so you can replace yours when it wears out or switch it out for a new color when you update your living room in the future. The sofas come in pieces that you put together yourself; however, IKEA can assemble yours for you for a small cost.