Pros / It’s affordable, and the shaver’s replacement foils are the least expensive we’ve seen.

Cons / Cleaning requires the removal of both its foil head and its cutting bar.

 Verdict / The Wahl Bump Free Shaver is an economical foil shaver designed to protect sensitive skin. You can’t use it in the shower, but it provides a smooth, clean dry shave.

Last time we reviewed the Wahl Bump Free Shaver, we noted its hypoallergenic titanium foils. They help reduce redness and irritation and are gentle on sensitive skin. Also, the Bump Free Shaver is marketed as a head shaver – a gentleman shaving his head is pictured on the product’s packaging. This is why we chose to keep the Bump Free Shaver in our lineup over some of Wahl’s newer shavers. While the next-generation products have some desirable features this model is missing, Wahl says these newer shavers aren’t meant to be used on heads.

Unlike Skull Shaver’s Pitbull shavers, the Bump Free Shaver isn’t waterproof, and it doesn’t look shiny or flashy. However, its kit comes with everything you need, and you have to order most Pitbull accessories separately. The Bump Free Shaver comes with a foil guard, beard brush and charger, along with a small, zippered storage pouch. It’s recommended you replace the foils every six to 12 months, and they are the most affordable replacements we’ve found.

One of the most important features this shaver is missing is a battery life indicator. Although it provides up to 60 minutes of shaving time, there’s no way to tell when that time is almost up. This is a drawback because it takes six to eight hours to recharge the battery, and you can’t use the shaver while it charges.

On a positive note, the Bump Free Shaver has a built-in pop-up trimmer, and it’s considered a multicultural product. This means it’s suitable for multiple skin and hair types. During our testing, it provided a smoother shave than some of the other products we evaluated and got positive results from our testers.

“The Bump Free shaves closer than the others,” one of them said. “I’m actually pretty impressed.” This tester even preferred the Bump Free Shaver over our top pick, the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold. “My next favorite is the Skull Shaver Gold,” he said.

Wahl warranties the Bump Free Shaver for three years, which is one of the better warranties we’ve seen. Only the Remington Shortcut Pro’s warranty is longer, providing five years of consumer protection. Wahl customer service is available by phone. The company also has an online support request form.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Intended for the Head
Not Primarily
Ergonomic Rubber Grip
Intended for the Face/Neck


Cost of Replacement Blades
Blade Replacement Timeframe
6 to 12 Months

Features & Accessories

Usable in the Shower
Usable With Shaving Foam or Gel
Wet or Dry Shave
Extra Features
Bump-prevent Technology, Pop-up Trimmer
Foil Guard, Beard Brush, Zippered Pouch

Warranty & Support

3 Years
Phone, Online Contact Form
User Guide


Provides a Clean Shave
Overall User Experience
Cleaning and Maintenance
Remove Head and Tap on Hard Surface OR Remove Head and Cutter Bar and Rinse
Battery Use Time (Minutes)
Battery Recharge Time (Hours)