Pros / Its replacement brush heads are affordable, and it comes with multiple accessories.

Cons / Cycling between modes isn’t easy, and we don’t like its shrill, high-pitched sound.

 Verdict / The Pursonic S520 is a moderately priced, midrange electric toothbrush with color-coded brush heads to serve multiple users. It comes with six specialty accessories and has worldwide voltage adaptation.

Much like the Wellness HP-STX, the Pursonic S520 is designed to serve multiple users. Its handle comes with 12 color-coded brush heads and a storage case that’s big enough for six. It also comes with a docking and charging station, two travel caps and a pair each of interdental brush heads, tongue cleaners and floss holders.

The handle is available in black, white, purple and zebra, and it has a slim, ergonomic design. Both the handle and its brush heads are rubberized, and you can charge this toothbrush worldwide. Its battery takes 12 hours to charge, and there’s an LED charging indicator to show you its progress.

The S520 uses sonic wave technology to clean your teeth, vibrating at up to 40,000 strokes per minute. This is the highest frequency of the toothbrushes we tested, which may account for the S520’s shrill, high-pitched sound.

“It kind of sounds like a swarm of mosquitos,” said one of our testers, “and it seems more expensive than it should be.”

While the Oral-B Pro 5000’s MSRP isn’t much higher than the S520’s, the Oral-B has Bluetooth connectivity, a pressure sensor and a downloadable app. The Pursonic toothbrush lacks those features.

The S520 does have a two-minute timer with vibration alerts at 30-second intervals. It also has three cleaning modes: Power/Clean, Soft/Gentle and Massage. While we couldn’t tell much difference between the first two, the massage mode was noticeable. We thought it felt harsh, and we worried about irritation to our gums.

Pursonic backs the S520 with a one-year warranty, compared with two years for most of the toothbrushes we tested. We also found Pursonic’s customer service subpar. Most companies provide support by phone, email and chat, but Pursonic only offers email. In addition, we couldn’t find the S520’s user guide online, and its printed version isn’t impressive.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Features & Accessories

2 Minutes, 30-Second Vibrations
Pressure Sensor and Alert
Not Available
Cleaning Modes and Intensity Settings
3 Modes - Power/Clean, Soft/Gentle, Massage
Bluetooth Capability with Brushing App
Handle, 18 Brush Heads, Storage Case, Docking/Charging Station, 2 Travel Caps




Slim, Ergonomic, Rubberized
Ease of Changing Brush Heads

Warranty & Support

1 Year
Phone, Email
User Guide


Performance Cleaning Technology and Sonic Strokes per Minute
Sonic / 40,000
User Experience
Battery Life
14 Days
Battery Type and Recharge Time
Rechargeable / 12 Hours