The Sunpentown SPT SH-1508 is a tall, slender, portable electric space heater designed to meet your supplemental heating needs while taking up little space, which means it is a good choice for numerous spots in your home and especially for an office. Weighing 9 pounds, it is the second-heaviest space heater in our lineup, but a convenient carrying handle makes it a portable inclusion to your home or office space.

This space heater performs excellently at room heating, capable of boosting the ambient air temperature of a small room by 5 degrees within 15 minutes thanks to an oscillating fan that covers a wide rotation area of up to 120 degrees. Its slightly diminished airflow and single fan speed make it less impressive in spot heating.

The SPT SH-1508 has a number of features that address space heater safety quite well. These include an overheat shutdown function, which gauges the overall temperature of the unit itself and turns it off if it reaches unsafe heat levels. A timer lets you program how long to run the heater in half-hour increments up to 7.5 hours. The tip-over sensor turns the space heater off it it's turned onto its side or knocked over, which is important because its front grille can become hot to the touch and present a hazard if it comes into contact with flammables. A digital thermostat lets you set your desired temperature.

A handy remote control, which you can conveniently store in the heater's control panel at the top, adds ease of use. Using the remote, you can control all of the space heater's functions, including the angles of oscillation, timer and heat modes. The space heater has two heat settings, and you can also use it during warmer months as a fan, but the single-speed fan inhibits its effectiveness somewhat. Customer support is available via telephone or email. The space heater comes with a standard one-year warranty that protects you against defects in workmanship and equipment failure. By comparison, the Lasko 6462 and Optimus H-7328 both have three-year warranties.

The Sunpentown SPT SH-1508 has many attractive safety features, but it lacks a cool-touch external grille to prevent burns. Though its single fan speed hinders its overall effectiveness, especially in spot heating, it performs well at circulating warm air and has two heat settings.

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